Back in February, we celebrated our 7th birthday and created seven digital funsies for the occasion—our way of saying thanks for seven years of support. In honor of today’s especially seven-y date, 7/7/17, we’re celebrating some more and reissuing these party favors (just in case you missed them the first time!). Go crazy.

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iOS stickers to spice up your texting

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Custom Big Apple-centric art by Jason Polan — perfect for brightening up your screen

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Brain Cells

7 riddles created by Will Shortz just for Warby Parker

(Scroll down for answers!)
  1. Rearrange the letters of THE EYES to get an appropriate two-word phrase.
  2. What three professional sport teams, all based in the same city, have names that rhyme with each other?
  3. What common 11-letter word contains 5 As and no other vowels?
  4. What word, when capitalized, names a language, but in lowercase means to “make shiny"?
  5. A doorbell, a tree stump, and Saturn all have rings. What do a river, a pool player and Wall Street all have?
  6. What Oscar nominee for Best Picture is an anagram of ROMAN ERA?
  7. What island, a popular tourist destination, is an anagram of TRANSMIT?
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Our signature Reading Positions wallpaper

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A playlist of 77 songs to celebrate our birthday #7, selected just for you by legendary music supervisor Randall Poster

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Funny Bone

A lil’ puzzle for word freaks (scroll down for answers!)

How many common words of 5 or more letters can you spell using the letters in the hive? Every answer must use the center letter at least once. Letters may be reused in a word. At least one word will use all 7 letters. Proper names and hyphenated words are not allowed. Score 1 point for each answer, and 3 points for a word that uses all 7 letters.

Rating: 12=Great! 19=VERY impressive 25=*Bows down*

Funny Bone
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A reading list of Warby Parker favorites

“Dharma Bums”

by Jack Kerouac

Fun fact: the name of our company comes from a set of characters in Jack Kerouac’s journals.

“The Elements of Style Illustrated”

by William Strunk Jr., E.B. White, and Maira Kalman

There are no rules when it comes to style. Except these rules.

“Happiness: Ten Years of n+1”

by Editors of n+1

An anthology of smart, funny, crackling writing from our friends in Brooklyn.

“We Love You, Charlie Freeman”

by Kaitlin Greenidge

Part family saga and part mystery and all enchanting.

“White Noise”

by Don DeLillo

Our favorite family-oriented postmodern campus novel.

“How Should a Person Be?”

by Sheila Heti

Stylish! Cerebral! Metafictional! Unclassifiable! And very fun to read!

“The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.”

by Adelle Waldman

A novel about young people with good intentions who misbehave? Sign us up.