Scout by Warby Parker

90 daily lenses
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Scout is a comfortable, breathable, and affordable daily contact lens—made from a super-moist material that resists drying for lasting hydration and comfort. Each lens comes in an easy-to-carry, easy-to-store flat pack.

  • hioxifilcon A lens material

  • 57% water content

  • 25 Dk/t oxygen permeability

The innovative, space-saving flat pack

In addition to using almost 80% less packaging than a traditional blister pack, the flat pack is also more hygienic in that it presents the outer surface of the lens facing up, reducing the need to touch the inner surface (i.e., you’re less likely to transfer bacteria and debris into your eye). There are 90 daily lenses in every box, which is made from recycled materials used throughout the lens manufacturing process.

How to care for daily disposable lenses

How to care for daily disposable lenses

Daily contact lenses are intended to be only worn once, so there’s no need to clean and store them for another day—always open a fresh pair. Follow your doctor’s instructions, along with any information on the package insert. Store your contacts box at room temperature.

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