Clean My Lenses Kit

Clean My Lenses Kit

Why we love it

Dirty lenses are the worst. Clean and protect them with this all-in-one kit, which includes lens spray and a microfiber cloth.

Nothing but the best
  • Box: 100% cardboard. 5.5’’ length x 1.7’’ height x 1.7’’ width
  • Spray Ingredients: water, amides, coco, N-(hydroxyethyl), disodium 4-[2-[2-[dodecyloxy)ethoxy]ethyl]2-sulphonatosuccinate, glycerol (1 fl oz)
  • Pouch: 70%/30% polyamide mix. 3.5’’ length x 7’’ height
  • Spray bottle: 80% aluminum, 19% plastic parts, 1% iron. 4.7’’ height x .98’’ diameter
  • Cloth: 70%/30% polyamide mix. 6’’ height x 6’’ width

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