Warby Parker x i am OTHER

Founded by Pharrell Williams, i am OTHER serves and represents the innovators, groundbreakers, and outliers—the others—among us, helping to usher in the next wave of visionaries. Individuality and creativity are the foundation of Warby Parker so we leapt at the chance to partner with this special crew.




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We took the frames on the road, to Virginia Beach, Williams’ hometown, where friend and photographer Micaiah Carter (safely before COVID-19) captured it on a cast of local creators who personify the originality behind the collaboration.

For this rendition of Winston, we’ve encircled the nose bridge with a band of bright yellow, as a reclamation of taped-up glasses—now a humorous symbol of forward-thinking and defying expectations.

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“My creativity and my determination allow me to see the bliss in life.”

Hampton Boyer


“I am OTHER because I am myself all of the time.”

Nastassja E. Swift

Sculptural fiber artist

“I...take what people can’t normally see in everyday life and show them what’s possible.”

Ali Jones

“I am OTHER because I don’t like following formulas.”

Lorenzo Johnson

In honor of our collaboration, Warby Parker has made a donation to Williams’ nonprofit YELLOW that is evening the odds for youth through education.

They are teaching for the future, empowering children from all backgrounds to see themselves and the world through the YELLOW “Lens of Possibility.” As part of the donation, we're excited to partner with YELLOW on a series of creativity workshops that will help children actualize their change-making ideas. (Learn more about the programs and how to participate.)