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The Collection

This is an adventurous bunch of frames: classic styles decked out
with subtle nautical details borrowed from life at sea.

NewtonAurelia TortoiseStriped Molasses


      FinchStriped Molasses

      CarnabyBlue CoralBurnt Lemon Tortoise

      DaisyAurelia TortoiseStriped Molasses

      Starting at $95,
      including prescription

      ChalmerStriped BeachWhiskey Tortoise

      BrooksStriped PacificOak Barrel

      ArchieCitronWhiskey Tortoise

      Eight new shapes.
      Six new colors.
      Dive right in.

        TheoStriped Beach

        SullivanSaltwater MatteWoodgrain Tortoise

        CassBlue Slate FadeWhiskey Tortoise

          ArthurJet Black