Anti-fatigue lenses

Experiencing eye strain? Some activities—think: screen-scrolling, note-taking, or reading a page-turner—require intense focus. Enter anti-fatigue lenses: glasses designed to support the demands of modern life.

Entireworld Frames

Entireworld Frames

How they work

  • Anti-fatigue lenses feature a small boost of power designed to lessen eye strain by helping the eyes transition from far to near.
  • This boost is seamlessly integrated into a single vision lens—no bifocal lines.
  • The adjustment period can take up to two weeks.
  • Plus, no additional prescription is required!

Outfit any optical frame with them for an additional $100 at checkout.

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Warby Parker eye doctors often recommend these lenses for people with tired or strained eyes after a long day of using digital devices. 

Girl Posing with Head Resting on Hand

Suited for your lifestyle

These lenses are ideal for pursuits that require sustained, up-close attention, like gaming, drawing, composing music, or working from home.

Girl Posing with Head Resting on Hand

Eyes needing some extra TLC?

Anti-fatigue and blue-light-filtering lenses make a great team. Add both at checkout.

Easy breezy

We offer a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy and a six-month, no-scratch guarantee for our lenses.

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