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Anti-fatigue and blue-light-filtering lenses

Looking for lenses to help with screen-heavy days? Our anti-fatigue and blue-light-filtering lenses are both designed to relieve symptoms caused by excessive screen time. 

Read on to learn the differences—and why it might make sense to combine them in your next pair.

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Anti-fatigue lenses

Experiencing eye strain? Some activities—think: screen-scrolling, note-taking, or reading a page-turner—require intense focus. Enter anti-fatigue lenses: glasses designed to support the demands of modern life.

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How they work

  • Anti-fatigue lenses feature a small boost of power designed to lessen eye strain by helping the eyes transition from far to near.
  • This boost is seamlessly integrated into a single vision lens—no visible lines.
  • Eye doctors often recommend these lenses for people with tired or strained eyes after a long day of using digital devices.
  • The adjustment period can take up to two weeks.
  • Plus, no additional prescription is required!
Outfit any optical frame with them for an additional $100 at checkout.


Blue-light-filtering lenses

If screen time is affecting your sleep, blue-light-filtering lenses may help. They filter more blue light than our standard polycarbonate or high-index options, making them perfect for screen-heavy days.

Add them to any frame, with or without a prescription, for $50.


Can you order them together?

Sure can! Anti-fatigue and blue-light-filtering lenses can work in tandem by lessening eye strain and helping reduce negative effects on sleep caused by screen time.

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