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Introducing seriously sharp frames for seriously sharp individuals

This season, we riffed on traditional silhouettes and added a few sensational
details that put them over the edge (in the best way).

Hutton Burnt Lemon TortoiseHutton Jet Black

HuttonBurnt Lemon TortoiseJet Black

TopperCrystalStriped Olive

Topper CrystalTopper Striped Olive
Goodney RhubarbGoodney Jet Black

GoodneyRhubarbJet Black

QuentinWhiskey TortoiseQuartz

Quentin Whiskey TortoiseQuentin Quartz
Teddy Petal TortoiseTeddy Jet Black

TeddyPetal TortoiseJet Black

GoodneyJet BlackRhubarb

Goodney Jet BlackGoodney Rhubarb