Anti-fatigue lenses

Experiencing eye strain? Some activities—think: screen-scrolling, note-taking, or reading a page-turner—require intense focus from your eyes. Enter anti-fatigue glasses: designed to support the demands of modern life. 

Outfit any optical frame with anti-fatigue lenses for an additional $100 at checkout.

Chamberlain Whiskey Tortoise
Crane Black Matte Eclipse
Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Beauford Blue Grotto Crystal with Polished Silver
Florian Cognac Tortoise with Brushed Ink
Bowley Bluefin Crystal with Antique Silver


Frame depicting anti-fatigue lenses

What are anti-fatigue lenses?

  • An anti-fatigue lens features a small boost of power at the bottom that helps you focus on close-up tasks.
  • The power boost is designed to lessen eye strain as the eye transitions from far to near. It’s seamlessly integrated into a single-vision lens—no bifocal lines.
  • It can take up to two weeks to adjust to wearing anti-fatigue glasses.
Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling


Santiago Crystal with Polished Gold
Baird Jet Black with Polished Gold


Durand Laguna Crystal Matte

Anti-fatigue lenses FAQs

Yes, anti-fatigue lenses are absolutely worth it if they’re suitable for your needs. Anti-fatigue lenses make it easier for your eyes to hold focus during long sessions of close-up tasks. If you’re experiencing eye strain or tired eyes at the end of the day from near-vision activities like computer work or reading, anti-fatigue glasses may be just what you need.