Reading glasses

Reading glasses can help you see words on a screen, page, or anything else you’re viewing at close range more clearly while alleviating eye strain and fatigue. 

We offer reading glasses in a variety of styles and frames. Whether you’re working through a bestselling novel or scrolling social media, we’re confident you’ll find a pair that makes reading a bit more enjoyable for you.

Chamberlain Whiskey Tortoise
Crane Black Matte Eclipse
Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Beauford Blue Grotto Crystal with Polished Silver
Florian Cognac Tortoise with Brushed Ink
Bowley Bluefin Crystal with Antique Silver



Our reading glasses start at $95. Spending a lot of time on screens? Add blue-light-filtering lenses to any pair.

Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling


Santiago Crystal with Polished Gold
Baird Jet Black with Polished Gold


Durand Laguna Crystal Matte

Reading glasses FAQs

Reading glasses are often likened to magnifying glasses in their functionality, though that’s not exactly how they actually work. Rather than simply magnifying, reading glasses are designed to help your eyes focus more clearly on things you’re viewing close-range. 
The strength of glasses lenses is measured in number units called diopters. The numbers in the measurements have a plus or minus sign in front of them. That plus sign means the lenses have a higher strength and will boost your eyes’ ability to focus on things closer to your eyes. Most reading glasses fall into this category, and if you need them you’re probably farsighted. 
A minus sign means the lens strength is decreasing and will boost your ability to see things farther away from your eyes. Most nearsighted people have lenses like this.