Silver glasses

Classic yet modern, silver glasses supply an effortlessly polished look that goes with just about anything. 

Whether youโ€™re on the hunt for a low-key, studious aesthetic or an adaptable, practical wardrobe piece, silver glasses are a crowd-pleaser for a reason. Theyโ€™re available in a range of frame shapes so youโ€™re sure to find something perfect.

Beauford Blue Grotto Crystal with Polished Silver
Bowley Bluefin Crystal with Antique Silver


Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling


Keiko Polished Silver


Albie Polished Silver


Armando Polished Silver

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Canning Polished Silver
Vargas Antique Silver


Saul Polished Silver


Simon Antique Silver



Silver glasses FAQs

Silver glasses are a great match with cool tones, but they really go with everything.
For example, if youโ€™re into a modern style, silver metal glasses can add a sleek, structured note to your wardrobe. Aiming for a throwback vibe? Round or aviator silver glasses are a great option for you. 

Try pairing your silver frames with a blue or grey piece during the winter and spring. In the summer and fall, greens and purples can both match nicely with silver glasses.