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From custom-designed cellulose acetate to ultra-lightweight titanium, we use nothing but premium materials for our frames.

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“Great price, great quality, great styles, great customer service. I have two pairs, and because of my recommendation, my girlfriend has a pair, and all of my glasses-wearing siblings have a pair. Keep up the great work. DON'T CHANGE!”James H.   TX

“First-time shopper and couldn't be more pleased with the selection, quality, speed of delivery and level of customer care! Really, what more could anyone expect?”Bob D.   CT

“I've had glasses my whole life, and they're now a very important accessory to me, so being able to buy good quality and affordable glasses so I can switch up my look is SO important to me. I can't believe I waited this long to try them. So so happy!”Tatiana S.   NY

“Excellent quality from Warby Parker. This is my fourth pair of glasses from here and won't be my last. Thank you!”Tiffany T.   VA

“I love Warby Parker!! They are amazing quality glasses, for an actually reasonable price...I have almost my whole family in Warby Parkers.”Dominique F.   FL

“My glasses arrived very quickly and are great quality. The price was very affordable, even for me (and I have a very severe prescription). I love that you can just upload a picture of your prescription. Genius.”Kimberly G.   OH

“I love the quality, looks, and ease of purchase!”Natalie K.   FL

“The glasses are lightweight, fit my face comfortably and are great quality for the price.”Niko E.   TX

“This company is the strongest example I have come across of a perfectly conceived and executed product—quality and fashion for value, beautiful packaging, clever copy, and speedy, knowledgeable service.”Ann F.   NY

“Tried it for the first time and loved my experience. Low price, easy process, quality frames, cute styles, loved it all.”Jessica S.   CA

“Warby Parker glasses are stylish, inexpensive, durable and exceptional in quality. The staff was helpful and friendly. Overall a great customer experience!”Gamliel B.   CA

“The people at Warby Parker were so helpful and answered all the questions I had! Loved the option of Home Try-On! Best idea ever! The quality is great, and I'm so happy with the pair I purchased!!”Rebecca F.   MI

“Great quality for a great price, and lots of cute options to choose from.”Claire G.   VA

“I love the price point and quality of the glasses! I now own four pairs.”Anne C.   GA

Home Try-On

Wait—I can try frames at home...for free?

Sure can! Our Home Try-On program allows you to try five frames for five days—all for free.

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Home Try-On

“Online service was quick and easy. I also loved the Home Try-On program. I can't get to the nearest location during the week so it was helpful that I could do everything online.”Jennifer T.   MA

“Home Try-On was incredibly easy, convenient, and led me to purchase glasses.”Jeffrey F.   NY

“Home Try-On was amazing, and didn't take long to get GREAT glasses with awesome style. :)”Jared L.   SC

“I think it's a great idea to send five pairs of glasses to potential buyers to try for five days before they make the decision to purchase. It gives you the opportunity to ask family, friends, and coworkers their opinions instead of just the people who are in the store with you.”Briana W.   MD

“I have worn glasses for many years and have been disappointed by the selection in my area. Also, the cost of frames (which I am usually unhappy with) and progressive lenses are insane! When I found Warby Parker, I was like this can't be real. Then I got the five frames to try at home and still did not believe this was real. Made my first purchase, absolutely loved the frames. When they came if I could have I would have jumped through the roof. They were everything I could have wanted and more. Absolutely LOVE THEM. So I turned around and bought sunglasses. Please don't leave!”Cathy M.   PA

“I loved being able to get free shipping both ways on the Home Try-On. I could get opinions from friends even though I wouldn't have dragged them all to a store with me, and I could see what they would look like in the context of my day to day life and my wardrobe.”Megan L.   DC

“Absolutely love this company. Amazing how a customer can try on five frames for free to find which they like best! No hassle company, loads of help, and also reaches out to help others in need. My whole family wears Warby Parker frames and my boyfriend is getting a pair!”Ingrid N.   NJ

“Being able to try glasses at home for five days. Best glasses buying experience of my life.”Dillon W.   TX

“I absolutely love my frames, and the selection process was very enjoyable. I love that I can pick five frames to try on in the comfort of my own home, and I'm not charged a single cent when they are shipped to me OR when I send them back. The order process was super quick and easy, too. I paid for the frames I wanted, submitted my prescription, and my new glasses were in my hands within a week! They even came in their own hard case, so I didn't have to spend extra money on one. Thank you so much, Warby Parker!”Roseann P.   OK

“Home Try-On option was great, customer service and the ease of using the website was phenomenal. Also, the fact that they provide someone in need with a pair of glasses when you purchase a pair is truly amazing.”Victoria L.   NJ

“My glasses look great, and I love being able to try on different glasses from home for free.”Gregg H.   IL

“The process is SO simple, and I loved not even having to leave my home. My new glasses are perfect.”Ali M.   CA

“My entire experience, from the at home try on to the quality of the glasses I purchased, has been absolutely perfect!”Jenny B.   MA

“Friendly, quick service. Love the Home Try-On option for five days because it really let me see how wearing one pair felt all day long.”Christina L.   FL

“The Home Try-On was amazing, and after that, I was able to have my actual glasses in-hand no later than a week after! Amazing service.”Avery L.   MI

“I love the frames and the way they fit. The Home Try-On process was a lot of fun, too.”Christina C.   IL

“The quality is amazing, reasonable prices, and I absolutely LOVE the Home Try-On option. I only shop at Warby for frames!”Chloe M.   SD

“Everything was so easy! It was great to be able to try on a few pairs at home before purchasing!”Kaitlyn F.   NY

“The Home Try-On is a home run! Will definitely recommend this game-changing deal to anyone in need of glasses. Thank you!”Alex B.   WI


Are your glasses affordable?

Our eyeglasses start at $95, including prescription lenses. We keep the costs down by producing our own eyewear, from the very first sketch to prototype testing to finishing touches.


“It was very easy to find and order these glasses without the hassle of going to the eye doctor and paying inflated prices.”Katherine F.   NY

“It was so easy to go in and get glasses. The prices were exactly how they were marked, without a bunch of hidden fees.”Kristen M.   DE

“The store's establishment was clean and eye-catching upon entry. The frames were gorgeous, the lenses were great quality, and the price was unreal. Not only was the product spectacular, but the employees selling the product were just as wonderful!”Kali E.   TX

“There's just not a downside to your business and how you operate— you make it very easy to order, return, etc. Your employees are friendly and knowledgeable, and the best part: completely affordable glasses. Win-win.”Kendel M.   CT

“The affordable cost for the total eyeglasses buying experience—exam, frames, and lenses.”Walter S.   PA

“Quality without crazy prices.”Kelsey C.   SC

“Price is unbelievable. Selection of frames, helpful staff—price is #1, though.”Nikiforos S.   NY

“Excellent customer service, top-notch quality of frames and lenses, and price is amazing.”Louis S.   CA

“The staff was AMAZING! Everyone was very kind and helpful. The frames are so modern, stylish and incredibly affordable.”Savannah M.   IL

“They did exactly what they said they do—fun to try, easy to buy, and a very reasonable price!”Lydia P.   MO

“The process was easy, customer service was excellent (loved the text messages and email updates), quality and affordable product, and eligibility for insurance reimbursement. Love you, Warby!”Kristi O.   CO

“Great glasses for a reasonable price.”James C.   TX

“Warby Parker has provided the perfect balance of style and customer service at a customer friendly price point.”John G.   TX

“It was easy, efficient, and the price was right. The delivery was also very quick which was also a plus! I really enjoyed my experience and will be using Warby Parker again in the future and have already told so many people about my great experience!”Stephanie T.   RI

“The price was right. I've already recommended Warby Parker to four friends.”Jeannie I.   CA

“The glasses are high quality and very affordable.”Shane F.   MA

“Ordering was quick and easy—love the frames! Plus, Warby Parker accepts my insurance so I didn't have to pay a ridiculous price for nice frames! Love them.”Maggie P.   CA

“Customer service was top notch and efficient, and the product is stylish and affordable.”Andre T.   MA

Customer service

Will I receive the best service?

We pride ourselves on out-of-this-world customer service. Our philosophy: Put customers first and leave them feeling fantastic.

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Customer service

“The service I was promised was the service I got. Surprisingly, that is a hard thing to come by.”Cherie G.   OR

“I felt like my issues were genuinely cared about and were subsequently quickly addressed. Such a big fan of my overall experience from visiting a store to contacting customer support.”Nicole P.   FL

“Excellent service, super helpful, educational, easy experience. The emails and delivery are also very cute and straight to the point. I was also able to upload my new Rx quickly and the glasses were created just like that!”Jessalyn I.   AZ

“I've been wearing glasses for over 45 years (yikes!) and this was by far the most pleasant experience I've ever had. The staff at your Columbus Avenue store were pleasant and very helpful... You've got a customer for life!”Carmelo C.   NJ

“Excellent customer service!! From the moment I made my order to the moment I picked up my glasses. Top marks!”Pablo B.   CA

“Excellent customer service! I have spoken with, chatted with, and emailed service representatives of this company to purchase, make adjustments, and exchange my glasses; all were kind, courteous, and very helpful! I will absolutely recommend Warby Parker!”Naomi B.   ME

“I don't like to shop, but I enjoyed the environment at the store. Friendly sales people.”Tracey M.   CA

“Excellent communication and customer service. You answered all emails quickly and answered all questions I had. So friendly and so helpful. Your in-store staff could not have been friendlier, more approachable, and helpful. Thank you again!”Betsy C.   LA

“Easy and simple process. Great quality glasses for a very good price. Amazing customer service and response time. One of the most seamless online shopping experiences ever.”Jamie M.   FL

“Easy website to use. Clear instructions. Quick to communicate with me when I forgot to send something in. Super fast turn around on the glasses. Packaging is sliiick! You get more than you pay for. :) Thank you!”Tim V.   OR

“Customer service was unmatched. Amazing experience throughout my buying experience.”Sharon H.   NV

“Amazing customer service and quick delivery. Plus, your product makes my face happy!”James R.   CA

“Excellent customer service! I always appreciate a customer-centric business model. Whenever I visit, I receive a warm welcome, timely and professional assistance, and I feel as though employees care about my experience.”Allison H.   WA

“You guys are the bomb.com! Fast, cheap, and high quality, pick two? Nope!”Matthew A.   IL

“Friendly staff that did not pressure me in shopping for frames. I was able to spend my time looking and trying on frames, without them hovering over me, which I liked!!... A very positive experience!!! Will definitely recommend.”Wendy M.   ONT, CA

“Excellent love and care in our experience at the retail store. I didn't have my prescription, and that was totally OK.”Shawanna R.   TX

“Excellent service. Very accommodating policies and purchasing made easy. Always with a can-do attitude. LOVE the socially conscious aspect, too.”Dianne W.   NJ

“What's not to love? Quick, friendly service and inexpensive, stylish glasses? 10/10.”Parker F.   MS

“Shopping at Warby Parker was the best experiences of buying glasses I've ever had.”Daniel J.   ONT, CA

Retail stores

Can I shop in person, too?

Please do. You can browse our complete line of eyeglasses and sunglasses at any of our 120+ locations.

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Retail stores

“Shopping at Warby Parker was a fun, easy, affordable experience. The level of customer service was unparalleled in this day and age, and I will be getting all of my glasses there for the rest of forever.”Chris L.   NY

“Great staff. Helpful with good taste. They have the ability to assess customers' needs and were honest in their recommendations.”Rhodora J.   NY

“Fast service and great customer experience in-store!”Ellen H.   NJ

“Easy process from start to finish. In-store customer service is excellent. Love the selection of frames and the ease of ordering. Thank you, Warby Parker.”Kristin S.   TX

“I love my glasses, and the process was seamless. Very great employees.”Samantha R.   TX

“Store is classy and upscale-ish with reasonably priced stylish frames. Also, a one-stop shop with eye exams.”Steven G.   PA

“Love the glasses and pricing. Glasses mailed to my home very shortly after placing an order in store. Store location had eye exams on site. Very convenient.”Anthony L.   FL

“The salesperson made the experience!! Historically, shopping for glasses was akin to the experience of having gums scraped. Shopping at Warby Parker was fun!”John P.   IL

“The service was great. I felt like they really cared and made the experience very personal. Glasses are a huge deal to me since I wear them every day—they have to be something that I can wear with everything. Warby Parker has definitely won my loyalty for life. Guaranteed. I was ecstatic when I learned about your Rockefeller Store since I work in the building. It made my life so much easier.”Cynthia Z.   NY

“Helpful service, quickest checkout/pickup I've ever had for glasses. Beautiful frames!”Amanda S.   ONT, CA

“Excellent service, easy-to-use website, timely delivery, helpful and engaged customer service (probably the best part).”Emmanuel O.   NY

“My experience in the store was great. I had previously done the free Home Try-On, so it wasn't a long process for me to choose glasses. However, I'm sure it would have been a breeze had I taken awhile. Store was nicely designed with so many options to choose from. Easy checkout and received glasses in just over a week to my door.”Lauren B.   MI

“Very good overall experience—shopping, purchase price, and delivery.”Mina S.   MA

“Fashion frames at great prices! Helpful staff. Awesome service! A fun way to shop for eyewear.”Anna Maria A.   LA

Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

My purchase helps distribute a pair of glasses to someone in need?

Correct. Since day one, over 15 million pairs of glasses have been distributed through our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

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Buy a Pair, Give a Pair

“I love that Warby Parker provides me with great, affordable glasses. The fact that they give back in a sustainable way seals the deal!”Allison H.   MI

“Friendly, positive experience and fashion-forward frames. Also, love that you give back globally.”Lori S.   NY

“Great service and pricing, beautiful frames, and I like supporting businesses that give back to the community.”Robin A.   AL

“The personalized service, high-quality product, and social impact part of the company's mission to give a pair of glasses to someone in need!”Kristina F.   NJ

“I love the glasses and I love that you give a pair to someone in need with each purchase. Plus the Home Try-On is so easy! Great job. :)”Jan C.   CA

“Everything was so easy and the customer service was excellent. Also when you buy a pair, you give a pair. Thanks for caring about people who need help. :)”Joanie H.   WI

“I love the customer service y'all provide. It's awesome to know that you give a pair to someone in need as well.”Sarah H.   TX

“I love the fact that you give a pair to someone in need and I LOVE the styles!”Alyssa M.   WA

“Nice people, great service, cool glasses, AND they give a pair to those in need!”Amanda P.   NY

“It's an amazing company. The fact that you give a pair of glasses is the reason why I pick Warby Parker out of getting it anywhere else.”Nerea A.   FL

“I love that y'all give a pair to someone in need! I've already recommended Warby Parker to people who've commented on my glasses!”Caroline B.   TX

“I love how you give a pair of glasses to someone in need and the price is great.”Amy R.   OR

“Stylish, affordable glasses and the fact that you guys give a pair to someone in need for every purchased pair. Just amazing : )”Lindsey C.   IN


What else should I know about Warby Parker?

Our history! Learn why we’re passionate about selling affordable, high-quality glasses and delivering great customer experiences.

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“Fun, original, creative, easy, refreshing.”Julie N.   TN

“Awesome glasses. Quick delivery. Professional. Friendly. Helpful. I just love Warby Parker!”Amanda S.   OR

“Amazing service, great selection, awesome price, and the ability to ship pretty much anywhere. Will definitely buy from Warby again!”Matt N.   MN

“Excellent, beautiful product. Easy shopping process. Friendly employees, always helpful. Beautiful, elegant storefronts.”Lindsey R.   DC

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff; quick delivery; excellent glasses.”Mike M.   TX

“Amazing customer service, super quick delivery, and amazing frames. I love you guys.”Elisa J.   FL

“Amazing product, immaculate customer service, seriously great price point. Couldn't be happier.”Natalie S.   FL

“Fun, convenient, and stylish. I get lots of compliments when I wear these glasses!”Ahlia K.   NY

“Stylish glasses. Friendly, responsive staff. Both the Home Try-On box and my actual frames arrived quickly. Prescription was spot-on.”Frederick T.   NC

“Amazing service, stylish frames, and fast turnaround.”Maryia M.   NY

“I love my glasses! Amazing price, and they look great. So easy to order.”Lexi H.   VT