Aviator sunglasses

Aviators made their debut way back in the 1930s as pilot sunglasses for the military. Fast forward to today, and aviator-style sunglasses are a favorite of pilots and civilians alike. The classic silhouette of the original aviator sunglasses is timeless, with a double bridge and large, teardrop-shaped lenses. Modern aviator sunglasses may incorporate subtle variations on this design—for instance, a single brow bar or rounder lenses. 

Corson Jet Black with Polished Gold


Raider Polished Gold


Sade Polished Gold


Brimmer Jet Black with Polished Gold
Florian Brown Sugar Crystal with Polished Gold
Abe Brushed Ink



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Nemsey Cattail Tortoise Matte
Renaldo Antique Silver
Julio Polished Silver


Hatcher Oak Barrel

Aviator sunglasses FAQs

Aviators are a type of sunglasses that were originally designed for military pilots to provide the best sun protection while flying. Today, the term “aviators” refers to the style of the frames, which is inspired by those original aviator sunglasses. 

Historically, the aviator style has incorporated large, teardrop-shaped lenses and a double bridge. But these days, you can find many variations of the style. Both eyeglasses and sunglasses come in the aviator shape.