Clear sunglasses

On the hunt for versatile sunglasses that won’t distract from a carefully crafted outfit? No worries—clear sunglasses match well with anything. They’re so subtle, you may forget you’re even wearing them. 

We’ve got a variety of sunglasses with clear frames. Just pick your lenses and you’re ready for action.

Esme Crystal


Fletcher Crystal
Elio Crystal


Durand Crystal
Baird Crystal with Polished Gold


Haskell Crystal

Get free shipping and returns on clear frame sunglasses with prescription lenses starting at $195.

Topper Crystal
Earle Crystal with Riesling


Braden Crystal
Esme Crystal


Low Bridge Fit

Clear sunglasses FAQs

You’re in luck. Transparent sunglasses are so versatile that you can match them to nearly any look. Have a wedding coming up? Pop clear sunglasses on to keep your eyes protected without putting a damper on a fancy outfit. Just taking a trip to the store? You know what to do. Pair your clear sunglasses with anything from casual clothes to your most elegant ensemble—you’ll always be making a practical choice. 
Sure! You can find clear sunglasses in several shapes and sizes. We offer them in rectangular, round, aviator, and square frames. And don’t forget! Once you pick out your favorite transparent frames, you can personalize the lenses to match your unique vision needs. Whether you’d like prescription lenses or want to treat your eyes to clear polarized sunglasses, we’ve got the pair for you.