Red sunglasses

Looking to spice things up? These punchy frames are designed to do just that. Whether you choose styles that are thick and boldly colorful or slim and more hushed in hue, these red-frame sunglasses are sure to make a statement.

Warby Parker × Theophilio
Shaunie Sorrel
Aubrey Garnet Tortoise
Rosie Mulberry Tortoise Fade
Bergen Rose Water with Riesling


Amari Arabica Matte


Maren Oxblood Fade with Polished Gold



Red sunglasses FAQs

When choosing clothing to pair with your red sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors like white and black. They make a classic combination. Even shades of grey and brown can make a lovely pairing with red. 
But you can also create fierce color combinations with red that might surprise you. Choosing complementary colors on opposite sides of the color wheel from red—like blue or green—can create a knockout mix. (And yes, it is possible to don shades of red and green without looking like a walking, talking Christmas decoration.) 

You can also match your red-framed sunglasses to analogous, or neighboring, colors on the color wheel. Orange, pink, and even other shades of red can work with red sunglasses. The key is to keep playing around with color combos until you find something you love.