Silver sunglasses

Silver sunglasses are easy to love thanks to their versatility and polished, lustrous sheen. They can be sleek and subtle, bold and glamorous, or anything in between. And that’s what makes them an easy match for any fashion sense or function, however formal or casual. Peruse our silver frame selection to find a pair that elevates your vibe.

Raider Polished Silver


Bowley Bluefin Crystal with Antique Silver


Abe Polished Silver


Renaldo Antique Silver
Albie Polished Silver


Blount Antique Silver



Our silver sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and scratch-resistant lens coatings—and start at $145.

Julio Polished Silver


Callen Oak Barrel with Riesling


Cooper Jet Black with Riesling


Merrick Polished Silver

Silver sunglasses FAQs

Sunglasses with silver frames work fabulously with any outfit you can imagine, from sweats to silk. They’re perfectly at home anywhere from a grocery store aisle to the beach to Madison Avenue. 
In terms of color coordination, personal style trumps everything. If you believe you can pull off a look, you can pull it off. 

For those who like a little more fashion guidance, consider pairing silver sunglasses with black or dark blue for a sophisticated, perennial combination. For a more colorful, vibrant look, consider pairing silver sunglasses with jewel tones like sapphire, turquoise, or emerald.
Don’t let silver’s sheen intimidate you when it comes to cleaning your sunglasses. Take things one step at a time—start by simply washing your hands. 
Once your hands are clean, rinse your silver sunglasses under lukewarm water. Don’t use water that’s too hot, as that could damage them. Water that’s too cold, however, won’t clean them as effectively. 

Next, put a drop of dishwashing liquid on each lens. Make sure the soap is lotion-free. Gently rub the soap over the lenses and the frames. Don’t forget the nose pads if your sunglasses have them. 

Once your glasses are properly lathered, rinse them off again with lukewarm water. Make sure to get all of the soap off. The final step is drying them with a lint-free cloth.