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Glasses for
Books by kids

Give a kid the chance to create,
and wonderful things happen.

(Give ‘em a pair of glasses, and well,
that’s just delightful. These kids are
plenty cute, but the limited-edition
frames are made for adults.)

This Deserves a Celebration

  • With chapters all over the
    country, 826 National helps kids
    cultivate strong writing skills
    and supports teachers’ work
    with their students.

  • We’re toasting their branches
    in New York City and Los Angeles
    with the ultimate bookish accessory:
    826 pairs of Kidd, available in both
    optical (an intellectual salute to
    NYC) and sun (for the brighter
    shores of L.A.).

  • Also available: two original
    publications showcasing students’
    work, sponsored by Warby Parker.
    More on that in a second…


826 Collection