Brown glasses

Brown is a solid, versatile color that projects strength and reliabilityโ€”so it shouldnโ€™t come as a surprise that brown frames are a popular option. With dozens of different color tones and frame styles to choose from, we have brown glasses to suit any look.

Durand Sugar Maple Fade
Crane Eastern Bluebird Fade
Brimmer Black Walnut
Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling


Wilkie Eastern Bluebird Fade
Hughes Chestnut Crystal

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Elias Cacao Crystal
Alderman Sunstone Crystal
Whalen Driftwood Fade
Brady Sugar Maple

Brown glasses FAQs

Brown is neutral, so brown glasses go well with nearly any color. If you want to emphasize your glasses, consider wearing colors that contrast with the frames, like light blue or white. Darker colors like black or a deep, smoky brown, on the other hand, can be a subtle, sophisticated complement to brown glasses.