Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses have been around for almost a century. With their upturned browline and sweeping angles, cat-eye frames are playful yet sophisticated. We’ve merged this classic style with modern aesthetics for a timeless look that’s sure to steal the show.

Maxine Cognac Tortoise


Ava Riesling with Robin's Egg Blue


Rosie Mulberry Tortoise Fade
Welty Eastern Bluebird Fade
Nadia Peacock Green
Daisy Confetti Tortoise

Cat-eye prescription glasses start at just $95, with free shipping and returns.

Elodie Pink Robin Tortoise
Fatima Smoky Pearl Tortoise
Amelia Elderflower Crystal
Lorena Black Currant Tortoise

Cat-eye glasses FAQs

“Cat-eye” refers to a specific style of glasses. Cat-eye frames are classically known for their upswept browlines. In other words, the top corners where the temples (arms) meet the front of the frames angle upward. On some frames those corners are downright pointy, and on others it may be more subtle.