Metal frame glasses

Metal frame glasses have a well-earned reputation for being lightweight and durable—but they’re also known for looking sleek and stylish.

You might prefer round or square frames, thick or thin materials, light or dark color schemes, or something in between. In any case, we’ve got you covered. Our broad selection of metal frames gives you plenty of options.

Baird Juniper Crystal with Riesling
Albie Polished Gold
Sade Polished Gold
Keiko Brushed Ink
Brimmer Jet Black with Polished Gold
Santiago Crystal with Polished Gold

Metal frame prescription glasses start at $145, with free shipping and returns.

Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling
Sampson Brushed Ink
Abe Brushed Ink
Armando Polished Silver

Metal frame glasses FAQs

Adjusting your glasses yourself is possible. Metal frame glasses usually have nose pads that can be repositioned to make them fit more comfortably. Here’s how to do it. Start by firmly grasping the bridge of the metal frame (the center top part of the frame). Position the glasses so that the lenses are facing away from you. Grasp the nose pad with your index finger and the thumb of the opposite hand. To tighten the fit, gently bend the nose pad inwards, bending the top portion towards your nose. To loosen the fit, gently bend the nose pad outwards, away from your nose. Be careful when adjusting your glasses, as it’s possible to damage or even break them. Remember, you always have the option to visit an optician if your glasses aren’t fitting correctly. Many of them will even adjust your glasses for free.