Round glasses

Fun fact: Circular glasses have been a go-to style of glasses ever since they were invented. (That’s a long time.) Whether you love the bookish look of tortoise-patterned acetate or the subtle charm of metallic wire frames, we have circular glasses of all sorts.

Patel Brushed Ink


Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Durand Laguna Crystal Matte
Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling


Keiko Brushed Ink


Whalen Driftwood Fade

Round glasses starting at $95, with free shipping and free returns.

Carmel Jet Black
Albie Polished Gold


Doherty Toffee Tortoise
Lupe Tamarind Tortoise



Round glasses FAQs

Round glasses are eyeglasses with rounded, or circle-shaped, frames. Their frames can be made using any material—acetate, wire, or nylon, for instance—and can be found in virtually any color.