Semi-rimless glasses

Minimalist and modern, semi-rimless glasses offer a sleek and sophisticated eyewear choice for those who prefer a half-frame design over rimless or full-rimmed glasses. This lightweight and durable option is perfect for everyday wear, providing comfort that lasts.

Browse our semi-rimless frames. They’re great for complementing a variety of face shapes and personal styles.

Armando Polished Silver
Canning Polished Gold
Vargas Antique Silver


Wallis Brushed Navy


James Carbon


Caldwell Brushed Navy

Explore semi-rimless glasses starting at $145, with free shipping and returns.

Symonds Brushed Navy
Sahana Polished Gold


Carlotta Polished Gold

Semi-rimless glasses FAQs

Semi-rimless glasses, also known as half-frame glasses or half-rim glasses, are a frame style that only encloses a portion of the lenses, typically the top half. Because their frame material is reduced, semi-rimless glasses are often more lightweight and offer increased comfort for the wearer.