Introducing our new frame, cooper

In heritage bronze, starting at $145

Since 1897, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum has been the only museum in the United States exclusively devoted to both historic and contemporary design. The two of us share an appreciation for learning, doing good in our communities, and innovation in design. From our partnership comes Cooper, a new pair of glasses with roots in older inspirations.

The Museum

Housed in what was once Andrew Carnegie’s 64-room mansion on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, the space is not only home to a superlative collection but is a destination for architecture-philes too. (Lucky us: we’re just a subway ride away.)

Our Collaboration

This spring, we co-designed a month-long public course for high school students at the museum’s Cooper Hewitt Design Center in Harlem. Students worked alongside Warby Parker mentors to tackle community issues using design-based solutions.

In celebration of our collaboration, we’re making a donation toward future DesignPrep programs at the museum’s Design Center in Harlem.


Philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was an American original, with an intellectual curiosity that both Cooper Hewitt and Warby Parker glowingly admire.


We dove into the visual lexicon of early 20th-century eyewear and came across this round-lensed shape. It’s not far off from Carnegie’s signature frames. (The man was revered for his attention to the finer points of personal style.)


With Cooper comes the debut of two new features: intricate coil temples and acetate accents in Whiskey Tortoise Matte, a subtle hue that complements the Heritage Bronze titanium construction.


The Heritage Bronze hue of Cooper is our salute to the filigree adorning the walls and ceiling of the mansion’s former drawing room (now the Nancy and Edwin Marks Gallery).


The Cooper frame is constructed from ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight titanium sourced from Japan. Hardworking and handsome.