Acetate glasses

We use the only best materials to craft our glasses, like cellulose acetate, a renewable, plant-based material thatโ€™s not only extremely durable but also quite flexible, allowing the acetate frames to adapt to your face over time.

Not to mention, unlike plastic frames, acetate glasses support rich, vibrant colors, tortoises, and patternsโ€”so they not only feel great, but they also look great. Peruse our wide array of styles and shapes below.

Doherty Toffee Tortoise
Makai Astral Crystal Fade
Drew Jet Black


Chamberlain Whiskey Tortoise
Durand Laguna Crystal Matte
Crane Black Matte Eclipse

Acetate eyeglasses start at $95, with free shipping and returns.

Brimmer Black Walnut
Santiago Hudson Blue Fade
Wilkie Sea Glass Grey
Naima Amalfi Tortoise

Acetate glasses FAQs

Acetate glasses are made of a durable, plant-based, plastic material thatโ€™s a bit different from typical petroleum-based plastics. Acetate, also known as cellulose acetate, is hypoallergenic, making it generally suitable for those with sensitive skin. They offer a stylish, sustainable, and comfortable option for prescription eyeglasses or fashionable sunglasses.