Blue light glasses

The lenses in blue light glasses feature a special treatment that helps block potentially pesky blue light that occurs naturally (think sunlight) and digitally (like, from your laptop or phone screen). 

Add them to any frame, with or without a prescription, for $50.

Freddy Apricot
Heyward Antique Silver with Pine
Terrell Black Oak Tortoise
Patel Brushed Ink


Chamberlain Olive Matte
Corson Jet Black with Polished Gold



Our blue-light-filtering lenses

β€’ Blue light glasses filter out the short-wave blue-violet light emitted by digital screens (and other sources). 
β€’ You can add blue-light-filtering lenses to any frames. 
β€’ You don’t need a prescription to add blue-light-filtering lenses to your frames.

Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Crane Black Matte Eclipse
Durand Laguna Crystal Matte
Santiago Crystal with Polished Gold

Blue Light Glasses FAQs

The lenses in blue light glasses are specially designed to filter out blue-violet light (one specific type of light in our visible light spectrum than standard eyeglasses). Check out our handy guide to learn all about blue light glasses: What Are Blue Light Glasses?