Progressive lenses

Whether you’re driving, working, or reading, our digital free-form progressive glasses provide near, intermediate, and distance correction in one lens, so you don’t have to switch between multiple pairs. Compared to other multifocal lenses, our progressive lenses transition seamlessly across each viewing zone (with no visible lines) and provide sharper vision overall. We offer both signature and precision progressive lenses, each with different features and levels of personalization.

Javier Black Oak Tortoise


Whitten Aruba Crystal
Heyward Antique Silver with Pine
Terrell Black Oak Tortoise
Patel Brushed Ink


Chamberlain Whiskey Tortoise

Our progressive lenses

We use digital free-form progressive lenses that come with anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and smudge-resistant lens coatings (plus block 100% of UV rays) at no additional cost.

Our signature progressive lenses start at $295—if you’re looking for superior visual quality, reduced peripheral distortion, and added comfort, we also offer precision progressives starting at $395.

Corson Jet Black with Polished Gold


Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Crane Black Matte Eclipse
Durand Laguna Crystal Matte

Progressive lenses FAQs

Progressive lenses combine multiple prescription strengths into one. In other words, progressive lenses are divided into “zones” for different viewing distances—a zone at the bottom of the lens for reading and doing close-up tasks, and a zone at the top of the lens for driving and seeing distant objects clearly.
To learn more about how progressive glasses work and if they’re right for you, check out our guide: What Are Progressive Lenses and Should You Be Wearing Them?