Contacts offer quality vision correction and comfort in addition to your glasses. But proper contact lens care is essential to keeping your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

Especially when you’re new to wearing contacts, all of the information about contact lens care and maintenance may seem a bit overwhelming—but don’t worry! That’s why we’ve created this guide: to give you everything you need to know about caring for contact lenses in one convenient place. 

Most importantly, just be sure to always follow directions—directions from your optometrist, directions on your contacts box, and directions on your contact solution labels. Directions are provided to keep your contacts in prime condition and to protect your eye health and vision. And if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to your eye doctor.

Contact Lens Hygiene

Proper handling, cleaning, disinfecting, storage, and use are crucial components in taking care of your contact lenses and safeguarding your health. There’s simply no cutting corners when it comes to hygiene. Appropriate cleaning and care is necessary to reduce your risk of eye infections and diseases.

Contact Lens Handling

Contact lenses are delicate, and so are our eyes! A key element of contact lens care is proper handling of your contacts—it’s vital to your eye health as well as to keep your contacts in top-notch condition.

New to Contacts or Still Undecided?

If you’re a new contact wearer or are still undecided about getting contacts, then you likely have lots of questions. Luckily, we’ve got handy guides put together for all those considerations, too.

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