Eyeglasses are a wonderful and convenient invention that help us see the world clearly. But you know what’s not so convenient? Having them slip down your nose all the time.

If your glasses are sliding down your nose often, it could indicate a problem with how the frames fit your face—but that’s not the only possible explanation. In this article, we’ll go over why your glasses keep falling off and give tips on how to stop glasses from slipping.  

Why Do Glasses Slip?

When eyeglasses or sunglasses don’t stay where they should on your face, sometimes it’s because of poor adjustments or ill-fitted frames—but not always. In fact, there are several reasons why your glasses might be slipping.

  • Frames that are too wide or too heavy: If a frame is too large or heavy for your face, then it may not reliably stay in place. (Hey, a handy rhyme!)
  • Poorly fitted glasses: Everyone’s face shape is different, which is why it’s so essential to have your glasses fitted specifically to your face. Otherwise, you may end up with temple arms that are too loose and glasses that are prone to sliding (or even falling off!).
  • Loose screws: Glasses parts will experience wear and tear over time, and it’s normal for the hinge screws to loosen somewhat. This can loosen the fit of your frames and cause them to slip downward. The fix? Tighten your glasses, either at home or with the help of a professional.
  • Bent temples: Similarly to loose screws, if the temples on your glasses get bent, the overall fit of the frame can loosen. 
  • Oily skin: If your skin is oily, your face is a bit slippery, and your glasses will more easily inch down your nose. 
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How To Keep Your Glasses From Sliding Down Your Nose

Let’s go over some tips on how to keep glasses from slipping.

Use an Oil-Free Facial Cleanser

Everybody’s skin naturally produces oil, but some people have sebaceous glands that are a little more zealous than others. These glands can make too much sebum (the oily substance that moisturizes the skin and hair), so the skin’s surface gets slippery and causes glasses to slide down. 

When you have oily skin, it may help to wash your face with an oil-free cleanser, which should remove excess sebum. Other additional treatments can potentially decrease sebum production. However, it’s always best to consult a dermatologist before you start a new product, especially if you think skin issues could be contributing to your glasses-slipping problem. 

Use an Eyewear Band

Illustration of an eyewear band

Although they won’t address the root of the problem, eyewear bands can definitely stop your glasses from falling. An eyewear band (also known as an eyewear retainer) is a fabric strap that attaches to the temples of your glasses. These bands will give your glasses more height so they remain level and won’t slide down.

Buy a Glasses Chain

Glasses chains are a stylish way to prevent your frames from slipping. You might associate glasses chains with a grandmotherly vibe, but there are actually lots of modern, exciting designs to choose from these days. 

A glasses chain may have more slack than an eyewear band, but it should prevent your glasses from accidentally falling or sliding too far down your nose. 

Wrap Hair Ties Around Your Glasses Temples

Illustration of hair ties wrapped around the temples of a glasses frame

Hair ties are another DIY way to keep your glasses from slipping. For this technique, you’ll wrap a thin hair tie over and over around the end of each temple of your glasses until it’s gathered in a tight clump. Then you can tuck that clump behind your ears, which should hold the glasses securely in place.

Because the ties will be at the ends of the temples, they won’t be obvious—especially if they’re the same color as your glasses.

Tighten the Frames With an Eyeglass Repair Kit

After wearing glasses for a while, the screws in the hinges of your glasses may get loose or even fall out. 

What should you do if this happens? Well, seeing an optician is an excellent option because they can fix the issue quickly, but you can also try to tighten the screws yourself with an eyeglass repair kit. 

Only use an eyeglass repair kit for easy, intuitive fixes. If you’re unsure how to address a problem with your frames, it’s best to leave the glasses as they are and take them to an optician.  

Readjust Bent Temples 

Over time, your glasses’ temples may have widened so that they’re looser on the sides of your face. The good news is that slightly bent glasses can often be “unbent.”

Here are some handy tips if you’d like to give adjusting your glasses a shot: How to Adjust Glasses at Home. However, it’s always best to seek help from a professional optician rather than risk damaging your glasses in your attempt to fix them.

Keep Your Glasses Clean 

Natural oils and sweat from your body can build up on your face throughout the day, making your glasses’ nose pads and frames slick. This will cause your frames to slide off your nose, so it’s crucial to clean your glasses regularly. 

Use mild soap on the body of your frames and rinse them with warm water. Then, apply rubbing alcohol to the nose pads and earpieces. (Try to avoid getting alcohol on the lenses.) These cleaning methods should help prevent your glasses from slipping. 

Adjust the Nose Pads or Get Adhesive Nose Pads

Illustration of adjustable nose pads

When you wear your glasses often, it’s common for the nose pads to move out of place (even just a little). Not to worry—there’s a simple fix. All you have to do is gently push the nose pads inward so they feel more secure when they sit flat against your nose. (Note: Plastic frames probably won’t have adjustable nose pads.) 

Another option is to apply adhesive nose pads to your frames. These tiny devices can add the necessary friction to keep your glasses from sliding down. 

Apply Wax to the Nose Pads

It sounds weird, but wax can work! Consider putting wax onto the nose pad area of your glasses to add friction between the frames and your skin. But be sure to clean your glasses every day if you do this, as wax build-up can make them greasy.   

Many people use branded glasses wax to keep their glasses in place, but regular ol’ beeswax should also do the job. How often you have to reapply the wax will depend on the amount of wax you use. Some wax coatings last only a few hours, whereas others remain effective for days.

You Don’t Have To Keep Pushing Your Glasses up on Your Nose

Having your glasses slide down your face constantly can be aggravating. But the problem usually comes down to a simple cause, such as ill-fitting frames or oily skin.

Try the tips outlined above to see if any of them helps with slippage. But as always, if you have further questions, you should contact an optician or an optometrist.

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