Cat-eye sunglasses

Cat-eye shaped sunglasses are a modern favorite with a vintage-inspired look. Known for their upswept outer edges at the browline, cat-eye sunglasses boast a poised yet playful shape that can be subtle or daringly dramatic. We offer a range of cat-eye styles, from colorful crystals in slim silhouettes to bold tortoises in oversized frames—so peruse our selection below if you’re on the prowl.

Vanessa Brushed Ink
Maxine Cognac Tortoise


Val Licorice Crystal


Masha Black Currant Tortoise
Rosie Mulberry Tortoise Fade
Augusta Confetti Tortoise

Whether it’s with chunky, bold angles, or sleek, delicate curves, cat-eye sunglasses always have an alluring silhouette.

Kelsey Marzipan Tortoise
Annika Aventurine Tortoise
Rhea Truffle Tortoise


Maren Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold



Cat-eye sunglasses FAQs

Cat-eye sunglasses are named for their shape. Historically, cat-eye frames have a browline that sweeps upward at the top-outer corners. The upsweep may be dramatic and angular, forming pointy corners, or it may be more subtle.