Rectangle sunglasses

Simplistic yet modern, rectangular sunglasses are a time-honored choice that never go out of style. From angular lines to softer, more rounded corners, this frame shape has a number of different looks. You’re sure to find some favorites among these oblong crowd pleasers.

Esme Sesame Tortoise


Alvin English Oak Matte
Makai Aloe Crystal
Fletcher Antique Shale Fade
Abe Brushed Ink


Warby Parker × Theophilio
Shaunie Sorrel

These UV-blocking rectangle-frame sunglasses also come with scratch-resistant lens coatings.

Elio Black Walnut


Barkley Azure Crystal
Blount Polished Gold


Rawlins Midnight Tortoise Fade with Polished Silver

Rectangle sunglasses FAQs

Rectangular sunglasses may have sleek, straight lines and exaggerated, oblong proportions, or they might be more subtle and squarish with slightly rounded corners. Either way, rectangle frames emulate the classic shape—with lenses that are wider than they are tall.