Square sunglasses

Think structured browlines and angular lines. Square-frame sunglasses might not always be perfectly square, but their lenses are typically about as tall as they are wide.

Whether you prefer the look of thick acetate, skinny metal wire, or something in between, there are square-shape sunglasses to suit any vibe. Explore our gallery of square sunglasses below.

Sutton Saddle Tortoise with Polished Gold


Barkley Azure Crystal
Keiko Polished Gold


Abe Brushed Ink


Durand Crystal
Omar Jet Black



From playful tortoises to sleek black, square sunglasses are available in a variety of hues.

Beale Rosemary Crystal
Rustin Olive with Riesling


Kemi Licorice Crystal


Baird Jet Black with Polished Gold



Square sunglasses FAQ

Yes! Most style gurus will agree that square sunglasses would be a great choice for a round face. Why? Because the angular lines of the square frames contrast with curved features of a round face. You know what they say: Opposites attract.