Like our eye colors and our personalities, the shapes of our faces are unique. The different face shapes are simply categories that might spark inspiration as you search for a new pair of glasses—you can use them to add a fun, experimental element to your shopping or go your own way. 

Because choosing glasses is always a matter of personal preference, there isn’t really a “best” glasses frame for a heart-shaped face; it’s subjective! But there are plenty of glasses styles to choose from, and this article will walk you through some of them in the hopes of bringing you closer to your next frames. 

Do You Have a Heart-Shaped Face?

Some characteristics to look for in a person with a heart-shaped face include: 

  • A broad forehead
  • A slender jawline 
  • A narrowed chin, finishing at a point

Figuring out your face’s silhouette can be tough. For example, heart-shaped faces can be hard to differentiate from round faces because the two have similar outlines. But heart-shaped faces usually have wider foreheads with tapered chins. 

The features of a heart-shaped face can vary, but in most cases, the forehead is the widest part of the face. Heart-shaped faces also tend to have a narrow chin—yep, just like the point of a heart!   

Remember, your face probably won’t meet all of these criteria. These descriptions are just generalizations to keep in mind if you want to play around with face shapes as a concept.  

Diagram of a heart-shaped face illustrating relative width and height

What Are The Best Frames For Heart-Shaped Faces?

When looking for eyeglasses for heart-shaped faces, the “best” options depend solely on the person and what style of glasses they’re looking for. One person with a heart-shaped face could fall in love with a frame, but it doesn’t mean that every person with a heart-shaped face will, too. Luckily, there are myriad choices, so you’re bound to find a frame you like. 

Here are some (again, wholly subjective) tips on choosing the best glasses for a heart-shaped face, based on which frames might complement your features. 

A heart-shaped face wearing different styles of glasses

Oval Glasses

Oval shapes are great glasses frames for heart-shaped faces because their curves can add contrast to angular features. This contrast draws attention to the eyes and highlights your cheekbones.  

Alford glasses in Teal Tortoise


Teal Tortoise

Shop Alford
Daisy glasses in Cardinal Crystal


Cardinal Crystal

Shop Daisy
Ira glasses in Striped Sassafras


Striped Sassafras

Shop Ira

Aviator Glasses

Aviator glasses often have thin wire frames and large lenses that make your eyes an irresistible focal point. When browsing these frames, consider trying ones that are wider than your forehead and have a rounded base, which may provide a sense of balance against a pointed chin. 

York glasses in Brushed Navy


Brushed Navy

Shop York
Raider glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Raider
Belmar glasses in Polished Silver


Polished Silver

Shop Belmar

Round Glasses

One of the key features of round frames is lenses that are equally as wide as they are tall. Those even proportions can bring a fashionable symmetry to your look and play well off of the fetching asymmetry of a heart-shaped face.

Percey glasses in Striped Sassafras


Striped Sassafras

Shop Percey
Duncan glasses in Oak Barrel with Riesling


Oak Barrel with Riesling

Shop Duncan
Wright glasses in Rosemary Crystal


Rosemary Crystal

Shop Wright

Semi-Rimless Glasses

Semi-rimless glasses are a study in stylish contradictions. Their bold browlines draw attention upward, whereas the rimless bottoms of their lenses can keep a person’s look light (and pair well with a more angled jawline). 

Ames glasses in Jet Black Matte with Polished Silver


Jet Matte Black with Polished Silver

Shop Ames
Wallis glasses in Brushed Navy


Brushed Navy

Shop Wallis
James glasses in Carbon



Shop James

Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses are another excellent option if you have a heart-shaped face. These frames have lifted-up corners that lend new contours to your features. They also embody what already makes a heart-shaped face so lovely: a combination of curves and bold lines. 

Maren glasses in Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold


Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold

Shop Maren
Nadia glasses in Opal Tortoise


Opal Tortoise

Shop Nadia
Raina glasses in Confetti Tortoise


Confetti Tortoise

Shop Raina

Two-Tone Glasses

Just as a heart-shaped face has an appealing duality of angles and curves, two-tone glasses juxtapose two colors for a fashionable combo. These hues might be boldly separated or fade into one another—it all depends on which look catches your eye. 

Hayden glasses in Rosemary Crystal Fade


Rosemary Crystal Fade

Shop Hayden
Wilkie glasses in Eastern Bluebird Fade


Eastern Bluebird Fade

Shop Wilkie
Laurel glasses in Tea Rose Fade


Tea Rose Fade

Shop Laurel
Various glasses frames in a box designed to send frames to your home for home try-on

Want to try before you buy?

Try on frames virtually or in person—from the comfort of your own home.

More Daring Glasses Styles for Heart-Shaped Faces

No matter your face shape, your options are limitless when it comes to looking for a pair of glasses. You should always select whatever frame speaks to you! These are additional tips around the effects that certain frame styles can have on a heart-shaped face, but they shouldn’t be seen as warnings. If anything, they’re an invitation to try something totally new. 

Oversized Glasses

Oversized frames can contribute to a face’s perceived width. Instead of balancing proportions, they can emphasize the broader parts of a heart-shaped face. 

Narrow or Square Glasses

Narrow and square frames bring even more angles to a heart-shaped face rather than playing up curved lines. That sharp look may be just what you’re going for, though! 

Pick Your Frame Based on Your Feelings, Not Your Face Shape

Now comes the fun part—choosing your frame. Glasses are all about showing your individuality (and, sure, improving your vision too). You can appreciate your face shape and find a frame that complements it, but the priority should always be showcasing your tastes and personal essence.

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