Picking the “best” pair of glasses for you is all about personal preference. Truly, any glasses can look great. The most important thing is that you like the way they look on your face, whatever shape it is.

But, if you’re here, chances are you’d like some help picking out glasses for a triangle face shape. Or, you might want to know if you have a triangle face in the first place. We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll show you the typical characteristics of triangle face shapes. Then, we’ll discuss how elements of different glasses frames tend to complement or counterbalance those facial features.

Is Your Face Triangle-Shaped?

Diagram of a triangle-shaped face illustrating relative width and height

First things first: How do you know if you have a triangular face shape? The truth is, your unique face most likely has elements of more than one, and possibly several, different face shapes all blended together.

But, if you can see most or all of the following characteristics when you look in the mirror, you’re probably the owner of a triangle face shape. And as triangle faces are somewhat rare, you can revel in your relative individuality.

A triangle face shape generally has an angular, broad jawline and a narrow forehead (and probably a narrow hairline). Cheekbones can be wide, but they are usually not a prominent feature of a triangle face.

If you think of a triangle sitting on one edge and pointing up, that’s the basic silhouette. A triangle face can be thought of as the opposite of a heart-shaped face.

Best Glasses Shapes for a Triangle Face

A triangle-shaped face wearing different styles of glasses

Good news: Lots of glasses can look great on a triangle-shaped face. But we can help you narrow it down. Let’s take a look at how different eyeglass styles play off the typical elements of a triangle face.

Round Glasses

The curved outline of round eyeglasses might seem at odds with the angles of a triangle face. But the effect is both a softening of the angles and a highlighting all at once. Oval frames (which are basically elongated round frames) also help balance out the wider jawline that is typical for triangle faces.

Durand glasses rose water


Rose Water

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Duncan glasses in Oak Barrel with Riesling


Oak Barrel with Riesling

Shop Duncan
Whalen glasses acorn tortoise


Acorn Tortoise

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Cat-Eye Glasses

With their signature upswept temples, cat-eye frames help to balance out the typically broad jawline of triangle faces. These “wings” also add some width to a narrow forehead, and their upward movement helps bring out the slight slant of your cheekbones.

Amelia glasses in Elderflower Crystal


Elderflower Crystal

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Nadia glasses in Opal Tortoise


Opal Tortoise

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Maren glasses in Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold


Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold

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Aviator Glasses

Aviators are teardrop-shaped, a bit like a rounded-off, upside-down triangle—so they act as a counterpoint to a triangle-shaped face, adding a pleasing harmony. (Cue the barbershop quartet.) Aviators add width above the eyes, which balances a strong jaw. This effect is heightened by a brow bar, a popular feature of the aviator style.



White Jade with Polished Gold

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Gus glasses polished silver


Polished Silver

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York glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Square Glasses

Square frames are an eye-catching, bold style that underscores the uniqueness of a triangle face. The right angles of square frames somewhat mirror the sharper angles of a triangle face. The result is a subtle, affirmative nod to the beauty and versatility of a triangle face shape’s features.

Bodie glasses crystal with english oak


Crystal with English Oak

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Felix glasses in Pacific Crystal


Pacific Crystal

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Sonia glasses aventurine tortoise fade


Aventurine Tortoise Fade

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Rectangular Glasses

Rectangular frames beautifully accent a wide jaw while elongating a narrow forehead. The striking angles of rectangular glasses celebrate the sharp lines of a triangle face shape.

Esme glasses in Sesame Tortoise


Sesame Tortoise

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Chase glasses medium driftwood fade


Driftwood Fade

Shop Chase
Bodie glasses in saltwater matte


Saltwater Matte

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Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses can be described as any frame with an unusual shape. And because geometric frame shapes exist a bit off the beaten path, they can’t help but command some attention. This uniqueness spotlights the relatively rare triangle face shape.

Keiko glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Murrow glasses in Oak Barrel with Polished Gold


Oak Barrel with Polished Gold

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Robbie glasses polished gold


Polished Gold

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The Best Glasses for a Triangle-Shaped Face?

It’s no secret. The best glasses for a triangle face shape are the ones you love. We hope we gave you some points to consider as you shop for eyewear, but the right frame (or frames) for your face shape are the ones you feel best complement you. Happy frame-finding!

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