No matter your face shape, choosing sunglasses is a matter of preference. There’s no best frame shape that suits your face shape—whether you’re rocking an oval, square, or triangle-shaped face. In fact, any pair of sunglasses can look great on any face shape. It simply depends on which ones you like best.

That being said, certain types of sunglasses may complement the features of triangle faces. We’ll help you figure out if you have a triangle-shaped face and which sunglasses you might want to try. Let’s get started!

How To Tell if You Have a Triangle-shaped Face

Diagram of a triangle-shaped face illustrating relative width and height

Among face shapes, triangle faces are relatively rare. They’re known for a narrow forehead and a prominent jawline that is often angular. The cheekbones in a triangle-shaped face can be wide, but tend to be less prominent than in other face shapes. To better visualize a triangle face, it might help to think of a triangle sitting on its base and pointing upward.

A triangle face is often considered the opposite of a heart-shaped face. In fact, a heart-shaped face is sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle face or upside-down triangle face shape.

Keep in mind—faces are unique and often don’t fit into one face shape category perfectly. And that’s ok! Familiarize yourself with your face and its beautiful, distinctive features.

What Sunglasses Suit a Triangular Face Shape?

Animated illustration of a triangle-shaped face wearing different styles of sunglasses

So how do you find sunglasses that flatter a triangle face? Again, the “best” sunglasses for you are the ones you like the most. But we understand your dilemma—with so many different frame shapes, material options, and colors to choose from, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to even find that favorite pair. We’re here to help.

Let’s take a look at some styles of sunglasses and how their characteristics may complement the features of a triangle face.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses can offer an eye-catching contrast to a pronounced triangle face shape.

The curved frames of round sunglasses may soften the typically angular lines of a triangle-shaped face. Plus, round sunglasses that are more oval in shape tend to be wide, so they do a great job balancing out a broader jawline.

Downing Sunglasses in Walnut Tortoise


Walnut Tortoise

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Jet Black

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Striped Pacific

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Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses place emphasis on long horizontal lines, which complement a triangle face’s wide jaw. Additionally, the sharp lines of rectangle sunglasses add a certain symmetry to the angles of a triangle face shape.

Elio Sunglasses in Crystal



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Perkins sunglasses in Burnt Honeycomb Tortoise


Burnt Honeycomb Tortoise

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Fairfax Sunglasses in Tanzanite Tortoise with Polished Silver


Tanzanite Tortoise with Polished Silver

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Square Sunglasses

Simple but daring, square sunglasses add a bold dash of “oomph” to a tapered forehead. At the same time, they mirror and highlight the squared-off jaw shape that can be a distinctive part of a triangular face.

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Seaweed Crystal with Cognac Tortoise

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Oak Barrel

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Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are usually rounded at the base with top edges that curve upward at the browline, a little like wings. These upswept lines add emphasis to cheekbones, which can be less prominent on a triangle-shaped face. Cat-eye sunglasses also give an illusion of width to a narrow forehead while reflecting and complementing a stronger jawline.

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Pearled Tortoise with Riesling

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Sesame Tortoise with Polished Gold

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Aviator Sunglasses

The shape of aviators is somewhat the opposite of a triangle face shape. While a triangle face is wide on the bottom and narrow at the top, aviator sunglasses are broad on top and tapered at the cheekbones. This flop-flop of a triangle face shape adds harmony and balance (take a deep yoga breath here) to the face.

Aviators with a brow bar add even more emphasis to the top of the face, heightening the balancing act.

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Brushed Ink

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Raider sunglasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Palm Crystal with Riesling

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Oversized Sunglasses

Big, bold sunglasses can’t help but draw attention to the eyes and the entire upper half of the face. This adds prominence to a triangle face’s narrow forehead while counterbalancing a wide jaw.

Catori Sunglasses in Honeysuckle with Polished Gold


Honeysuckle with Polished Gold

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Gemma sunglasses in Lapis Crystal


Lapis Crystal

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Karina Sunglasses in Striped Affogato


Striped Affogato

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Sunglasses balanced on white geometric shapes

Try before you buy

Need help deciding which sunglasses to get? There are several ways to try them out before buying.

The Best Sunglasses for a Triangle Face: The Ones You Love

Remember: Style is truly about personal choices. It doesn’t matter what face shape you have. After all, most people have elements of more than one face shape, anyway.

Instead of worrying about face shape, concentrate on the fun part: trying on sunglasses! The ones that please your unique taste are the “best” pair (or pairs) of sunglasses for you.

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