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Learn about the lenses you can choose for your new pair, from prescription types to materials—the works!

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Lens benefits

Included with every pair at no additional cost

All of our sunglasses come outfitted with the good stuff

  • Scratch-resistant treatment

    A treatment that does just what it sounds like. (And if scratches appear, we’ll replace your lenses for free within six months of purchase.)

  • UV protection

    Our lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. (Protect those peepers.)

  • Polarization

    Our prescription sunglasses, and many non-prescription pairs, come with polarized lenses at no added cost. These lenses enhance vision and comfort by eliminating glare, increasing contrast, and improving color perception. (You'll see which styles come with polarized lenses during checkout.) Prefer non-polarized lenses? Just chat us!

Prescription types

We’ve got options to meet a variety of vision needs


These lenses offer style and protection with no vision correction. Most people choose this option when they’re shopping for a new pair of everyday sunglasses. Non-prescription lenses are included in the price of our sunglasses.


These prescription lenses come with polarization, correct one field of vision—near, intermediate, or distance—and start at $195, frame included.


Our digital free-form progressives lenses are polarized and provide seamless near and distance correction, and everything in between, so you don’t have to switch between multiple pairs. Plus, there’s no line like bifocals and trifocals have. (If there’s an “ADD” value on your prescription, progressives are for you.) Sunglasses with progressive lenses start at $395.


These polarized lenses offer simple magnification (up to +2.75) for, well, reading—no prescription necessary. Sunglasses with reading lenses start at $195.

Please note: All of our prescription sunglasses—whether single-vision, progressives, or readers—come with polarization at no added cost. To place an order with non-polarized lenses, chat us.

Lens types

From subtle tints to flashy finishes

Our color collections

Consistently colored from top to bottom, our solid lenses come in a glorious palette, from grey to green and beyond. Choose your favorite when adding any prescription sunglasses to your cart.

The mirrored surfaces cut down on the amount of light entering the eye (healthy) and keep things mysterious (stealthy). Add flash mirrored lenses to any prescription order.

These lenses transition from one color at the top to another (or a lighter tint of the same) at the bottom.

Our designers handpick lenses that best complement the colors of each frame. If you’re purchasing prescription sunglasses, you can personalize your pair with your choice of polarized or non-polarized lens color—just pick from our selection of hues when adding any pair to your cart.

Lens materials

Find what’s best for your prescription


CR-39 is a lightweight, durable polymer that holds color beautifully. It’s also the lens material that comes with all of our non-prescription sunglasses, at no additional charge.


These lightweight, impact-resistant lenses are our most popular option for prescription sunglasses. These sun lenses are included in the price of our prescription pairs, which start at $195.

1.67 high-index

Recommended for anyone with a strong prescription (+/-4.0 or higher total power), 1.67 high-index lenses are up to 20% thinner than polycarbonate lenses. These cost an additional $100.

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