We believe that any sunglasses frame can look great on any face shape. That is, no single frame style is better suited for square faces than any other face shape.

But if you’re wondering about how your choice of sunglasses can play off certain features of a square face—we’ve got some tips. In this guide, we’ll point out the characteristics of a square face shape and how different types of sunglasses can complement or counterbalance those features.

Do You Have a Square-Shaped Face?

Diagram of a square-shaped face illustrating relative width and height

First things first: How do you know if you have a square-shaped face? The truth is most people have elements of more than one face shape. So it can be difficult to know which one is most like yours. (This is another reason to not get too hung up on your face shape when picking out sunglasses.)

But if you have most or all of the following facial characteristics, chances are, your face is more square than another shape:

  • Squared, flat chin
  • Angular, horizontal jaw
  • Prominent, wide-set cheekbones that are more parallel to the jaw
  • Broad forehead with a wide hairline

If you want to go a little further in your assessment, take out a measuring tape for a little calculation:

  1. Measure the distance across your face horizontally from ear to ear. 
  2. Then measure the distance vertically from your forehead to your chin.

If those measurements are roughly the same, and your face is more angular than round, you’re most likely the owner of a (beautiful) square face.

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What Are the Best Sunglasses for Square Faces?

Let’s consider some sunglasses styles that can complement the features of a square-shaped face. This list may help you narrow down your options to find the best style to suit your own unique facial characteristics.

Animated illustration of a square-shaped face wearing different styles of sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

Curvier shapes can be a perfect counterpoint to the sharper lines of a square face shape. And what’s curvier than a circle? Round sunglasses or oval sunglasses can really fit the bill here—adding some softer lines that balance out the artfully drawn angles of a square face.

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Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are curvy like round sunglasses, but they boast a subtle teardrop shape that’s universally flattering. For angular square faces, the curves of aviators lend a pleasing harmony. At the same time, the narrower point of the teardrop shape has a way of pointing out cheekbones, which are often prominent features of a square face.

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Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses have distinctive upswept “wings” at the outer temples, which counterbalance a wider, square jaw. The bottom portion of a cat-eye shape follows the line of the cheeks upward. This has the effect of framing a square face’s chiseled cheekbones, putting them on center stage.

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Oversized Sunglasses

A square face with a wide hairline or broad forehead can showcase oversized sunglasses without getting overpowered by them. They’ll act like an exclamation point for your eyes, emphasizing and drawing attention to the top of your face. Oversized sunglasses can add a certain equilibrium to a prominent jawline, a hallmark feature of a square face.

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Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are known for their sharp angles, which can lend a bold look to a square-shaped face. Geometric sunglasses mirror and draw attention to a square face’s own distinctive geometry.

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The Best Sunglass Shape for a Square Face? The Ones That Make You Smile

It’s worth repeating because it’s what we so wholeheartedly believe—the “right” sunglasses for any face shape are the ones that fit the aesthetic you’re looking for. Or, they’re the ones you like the most.

And if you’re not sure exactly what look you like best? We’ve got the perfect solution to figuring it out: Take our Home Try On style quiz!

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