First, let’s get one thing straight: Style is subjective. Everyone has their own preferences and personal aesthetic. When choosing new glasses—no matter what your face shape may be—the most important thing is finding a pair that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

All that is to say, there’s no “best” type of glasses for square faces. However, if you’re having trouble deciding on a pair of eyeglasses, this guide will help you identify the features of a square face and understand which frame styles can complement those features well. 

Do You Have a Square Face Shape?

Not sure what face shape you have? No problem—just take a look in a mirror or snap a quick selfie looking straight at your camera. In the mirror or your photo, see if you spot some of these traits, which are commonly associated with a square face shape:

  • A flat, squared chin
  • A broad forehead with a wide hairline
  • A strong horizontal jawline with sharp angles 
  • Equal width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw
  • Flat cheekbones that are in line with the jaw (as opposed to cheekbones that are more curved or start higher on the face and angle down)
Diagram of a square face illustrating relative width and height

Square faces are similar to round faces, but the key difference lies in the angular jawline—people with round faces tend to have softer, rounder features.

Keep in mind that everyone’s face is unique, and you might not see all of the characteristics listed above in someone with a square face. In fact, most people find their faces to have traits from more than one shape. Just consider the different face shapes out there, and use your best judgment on which one seems the most similar to yours.

Best Glasses Shapes for a Square Face

Remember—don’t sweat it! You can go right ahead and fall in love with any glasses frames you want. But if you want to learn how certain styles of glasses can complement the features of a square-shaped face, read on.

When people choose glasses based on their face shape, they are typically looking for frames that will either highlight (draw attention to) or contrast (balance out) their most prominent facial features. Check out some considerations below.

A square face wearing different styles of glasses

Round Glasses

We all know that opposites attract, and round is the clear-cut opposite of square. The curves of round glasses beautifully contrast the strong, angular lines of square faces, balancing out their bold features.

Percey glasses in Crystal



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Simon glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Durand glasses in Whiskey Tortoise


Whiskey Tortoise

Shop Durand

Oval Glasses

Like round glasses, oval glasses are going to have those curves you’re looking for if you want to balance out the well-defined lines of your square face shape. Plus, oval glasses tend to be wider than round ones. The wider frame plays nicely against a more uniform, square shape.

Alford glasses in Inkwell Crystal Fade


Inkwell Crystal Fade

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Ira glasses in Striped Sassafras


Striped Sassafras

Shop Ira
Daisy glasses in Oak Barrel


Oak Barrel

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Wire Glasses

Wire glasses are stylishly slim and will pair nicely with angular facial features. Thin frames like these lack the sharp edges of other styles that might compete with the striking lines of square faces.

York glasses in Polished Silver


Polished Silver

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Keiko glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Duncan glasses in Oak Barrel with Riesling


Oak Barrel with Riesling

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Semi-Rimless Glasses

The rimless bottoms of the lenses in these frames are curved, which offsets the angular features in the same way that round and oval glasses do. (Some semi-rimless frames have a slight curve at the top, too.) Semi-rimless glasses are also known as browline glasses because their thicker upper rims draw the gaze to the brow. 

Ames glasses in Jet Black Matte with Polished Silver


Jet Black Matte with Polished Silver

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Symonds glasses in Brushed Navy


Brushed Navy

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James glasses in Carbon



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Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses feature a curvy, upswept browline and rounded bottoms that will complement a square face’s sharp lines and define its cheekbones. And, let’s face it—this frame style is a popular showstopper, sure to draw attention to your gorgeous eyes. 

Haley glasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

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Maren glasses in Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold


Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold

Shop Maren
Raina glasses in Confetti Tortoise


Confetti Tortoise

Shop Raina

Oversized Glasses

If your square face features a wider forehead and jaw, then you might find oversized glasses to be the perfect statement accessory. Plus, many people find extra-roomy frames to be comfortable. Oversized glasses come in a variety of frame shapes, too—so you can find a pair in the style you like best. 

Aniyah glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Alston glasses in Poblano with Polished Gold


Poblano with Polished Gold

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Various glasses frames in a box designed to send frames to your home for home try-on

Want to try before you buy?

Try on frames virtually or in person—from the comfort of your own home.

Glasses That Might Not Work as Well for Square Faces

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again—don’t let your face shape deter you from exploring the glasses styles you love. Just because a fellow square-faced person steers clear of a certain frame shape, that doesn’t mean that you should. 

But, if you’re curious about which styles of glasses might be considered more daring on a square-shaped face, you’ll find them below.

Square and Rectangle Glasses

Square and rectangle glasses tend to highlight and draw attention to the angular features of a square face shape, as opposed to contrasting them with curves. If your goal is to find glasses that counterbalance bold lines, square or rectangle frames might not help you do that. But if you want to play up the angularity of a square face, they may be the perfect pick!

Geometric Glasses

Like square and rectangle glasses, geometric glasses that feature more prominent angles are more likely to emphasize angular features than balance them out.

Love Your Face Shape and Love Your Glasses

Go forth. Embrace your striking square face shape, and find glasses that make you feel confident and comfortable every day. Which glasses are best for your square face shape? The glasses that make you happiest.

Whether you can’t wait to start browsing or are still feeling a little overwhelmed with so many options, you can give virtual try-on a whirl. Or, check out our guide on how to buy glasses online.

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