The truth is that there’s no right answer to which sunglasses are best for a round face shape. Many people spend tons of time searching for the perfect frames for their face type. But “perfect” doesn’t exist. Some frames may highlight your features differently than others, but it’s really all about what you like. 

Need help figuring out where to start? Don’t panic—we’re here to help! This article can help you determine which types of sunglasses might complement your round face best. 

How To Tell if You Have a Round Face

Figuring out your face shape is pretty simple—just take a look in the mirror and consider the widths of your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline. Round faces tend to have curvy features with equal proportions. In other words, your face is about the same width and length, but you have a rounded jawline. 

Diagram of a round face illustrating relative width and height

Keep in mind that everyone’s face is a little different, so there’s no exact match. (Many people have features that draw from more than one face shape, anyway.) It’s really about assessing your prominent features and making a best guess. 

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What Sunglass Shape Is Best for Round Faces?

There is none! No “best” sunglasses shape exists, no matter what face shape you have. Style is subjective, so it can vary between each person. Picking out the perfect frames comes down to your preferences, needs, and what will work best for you. 

With all that said, you can still take your face shape under consideration when shopping for sunglasses. Similar to selecting glasses for a round face, you can choose sunglass frames that play off your features. 

Next, we’ll go over some great sunglass style options and discuss how they suit a round face. 

A round face wearing different styles of sunglasses

Square and Rectangular Sunglasses

Square and rectangular sunglass frames are great for round faces. They provide a nice visual contrast to a round face’s curved features with their straight lines and angled corners.

Roosevelt sunglasses in Striped Pacific


Striped Pacific

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Esme sunglasses in Crystal



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Beale sunglasses in Cognac Tortoise


Cognac Tortoise

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Oversized Sunglasses

For some, it’s just like they say: Go big or go home. Oversized sunglasses are a popular option for any face shape. But a big frame may be even more fun when contrasting the even widths of a round face’s features.

Nancy sunglasses in Palm Crystal with Polished Gold


Palm Crystal with Polished Gold

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Marisela sunglasses in Jet Black with Polished Gold jet-black-with-polished-gold


Jet Black with Polished Gold

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Aniyah sunglasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

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Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Another timeless sunglass shape for a round face is cat-eye. This is one of the most loved sunglass styles because of its versatility. And, of course, it has the classic vintage look that so many people like. 

Cat-eye sunglasses play well with a round face by counterbalancing curves with their angled lines. The upswept shape can highlight your eyebrows while also appearing to lift your face, if that suits your taste.


Lorena sunglasses in Ganache



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Tilley sunglasses in Petal Tortoise


Petal Tortoise

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Raina sunglasses in Confetti Tortoise


Confetti Tortoise

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Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric shapes are playful sunglasses for round faces. This is another frame type that can counterbalance your curved facial features with angled lines.

Abe sunglasses in Polished Silver


Polished Silver

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Celia sunglasses in Mint with Polished Gold


Mint with Polished Gold

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Esperanza sunglasses in Praline with Polished Gold


Praline with Polished Gold

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Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators are another one of the most popular sunglass styles today. Some aviators are more pointed at the bottom, which can draw attention to your cheeks, if that’s a feature you’d like to highlight. Other aviator frames have flatter bottoms, for a more square shape, which would play well against a round face’s curves.

Raider sunglasses in Brushed Ink with Polished Gold


Brushed Ink with Polished Gold

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Braden sunglasses in Dove Grey


Dove Grey

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Blaise sunglasses in Woodgrain Tortoise


Woodgrain Tortoise

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Statement Sunglasses

Whether it’s the bold thickness of the frame, a unique pattern like a colorful tortoiseshell, or an exaggerated shape, a pair of sunglasses with bold, statement frames are a popular choice for any face shape.

You can find statement sunglasses in just about any shape and color, so have some fun finding some showstopper shades you love.

Fiona sunglasses in Aventurine Tortoise


Aventurine Tortoise

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Rhea sunglasses in Truffle Tortoise


Truffle Tortoise

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Gael sunglasses in Cognac Tortoise


Cognac Tortoise

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Find the Sunglass Frames That You Love Most 

Now comes the fun part—finding your new favorite pair of sunglasses!

Choosing sunglasses really comes down to you, not your face shape. Specific sunglasses frames may accent and complement your facial features differently than others, but you don’t have to follow any guidelines when choosing your sunglasses. Instead, focus on finding a comfortable frame that you love. 

If you’re ready to explore, use our Virtual Try-On app to help you find the perfect frame! 

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