Whether you’re shopping for glasses or sunglasses, our answer to which frames are best for any face shape remains the same. The best frames are whichever ones make you feel comfortable, happy, and confident.

With that said, you can take characteristics of your heart-shaped face into consideration when selecting your sunglasses frames if you choose to. Some styles of sunglasses may complement or counterbalance certain facial features. It all starts with getting to know your face shape a little better.

How To Tell if You Have a Heart-Shaped Face

Feeling unsure about your face shape? Take a long look in the mirror, or reference a selfie where you’re looking straight at the camera. See if you can spot some of these features associated with heart-shaped faces:

  • A broad forehead (it might be the widest part of your face)
  • A narrow jawline
  • A narrow (possibly pointed) chin
  • High cheekbones that are close in width to your forehead
Diagram of a heart face shape

Sometimes, the heart-shaped face shape is referred to as an inverted triangle. Knowing this might help you visualize the shape, as well: It’s wider at the top and tapers down to a point.

Many (but not all) people with a heart-shaped face have a “widow’s peak” hairline. It’s what creates the curved top of the heart shape if you trace the outline of your face.

Remember: The majority of people don’t fall perfectly into a single face shape category. In fact, most people may have a mix of characteristics from different face shapes. (Another reason you shouldn’t base your choice of sunglasses frames solely on your face shape.)

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The Best Sunglasses for a Heart Face Shape

Understanding more about the shape and lines of your sunglasses frames may help you identify ones that will pair well with the shape and lines of your face. 

Let’s explore some different frame shapes below and consider how they might complement a heart-shaped face.

An animation of a heart shape face trying on sunglasses

Tortoise Sunglasses

If your cheekbones or brows are a feature you’d like to spotlight, then tortoise sunglasses are a great choice. Frames with a pattern (like a speckled tortoise color) are sure to be a focal point for the eye. Drawing attention to your sunglasses frames will draw focus to your cheekbones as well.

Esme sunglasses in Sesame Tortoise


Sesame Tortoise

Shop Esme
Nancy sunglasses in Cognac Tortoise


Cognac Tortoise

Shop Nancy
Gillian sunglasses in Teal Tortoise


Teal Tortoise

Shop Gillian

Round Sunglasses

The curves of round sunglasses frames contrast with the angular lines of a tapering heart shape. Finding frames that have a contrasting effect is always a popular choice—it creates a nice statement accessory.

Annika sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Annika
Merrick sunglasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Merrick
Percey sunglasses in Striped Sassafras


Striped Sassafras

Shop Percey

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a popular frame style for any face shape, but they’re an especially great match for heart-shaped faces. Frames boasting the classic aviator teardrop shape tend to draw the observer’s eyes downward to the tapered chin. This accentuates the unique inverted triangle shape and angular jawline of the heart-shaped face.

Raider sunglasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Raider
Bas sunglasses in Striped Hazelnut


Striped Hazelnut

Shop Bas
Fielder sunglasses in Cognac Tortoise Matte


Cognac Tortoise Matte

Shop Fielder

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses have a unique shape, featuring an upswept browline and sleek lines. The shape of these frames can elongate the appearance of a heart-shaped face’s features and draw focus to the cheekbones and brows.

Maren sunglasses in Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold


Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold

Shop Maren
Rhea sunglasses in Truffle Tortoise


Truffle Tortoise

Shop Rhea
Leta sunglasses in Nutmeg Crystal


Nutmeg Crystal

Shop Leta

Oversized Sunglasses

Heart-shaped faces are often on the smaller side with more delicate features. Bold, oversized frames are quite the opposite—great for creating that contrasting effect that makes a statement and spotlights your unique face shape.

Annika sunglasses in Aventurine Tortoise


Aventurine Tortoise

Shop Annika
Sonia sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Sonia
Gemma sunglasses in Lapis Crystal


Lapis Crystal

Shop Gemma

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses pair nicely with heart faces because of their straight lines, which counterbalance a tapered, pointed chin. Some square frames can also make a broad forehead appear narrower.

Beale sunglasses in Rosemary Crystal


Rosemary Crystal

Shop Beale
Omar sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Omar
Gael sunglasses in Cognac Tortoise


Cognac Tortoise

Shop Gael

Are There Any Sunglasses Frames To Avoid With a Heart-Shaped Face?

No! A heart-shaped face is considered highly versatile. Think about the shape of a heart. It’s curved at the top but pointy at the bottom; it’s rounded while also angular; half of it is wide while the other half is narrow.

Basically, someone with a heart-shaped face can wear any sunglasses frames because any frame style will have some element to it that will highlight or counter a facial feature. It all comes down to personal preference—are there certain facial features you want to spotlight or offset? You can find frames that will help accomplish whatever style goals you have in mind.

The Best Sunglasses for Your Heart-Shaped Face Are the Ones That Make Your Heart Happy

No two heart-shaped faces are the same, and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to style. Rather than focusing on your heart-shaped face, choose your sunglasses based on your heart—find the ones that you truly love to wear.

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