Can we let you in on a little secret? There are no “best” sunglasses for your face shape—whether oval or otherwise. If you need a moment to let that sink in, we understand. 

But it’s true: There’s no magic formula for pairing certain styles of sunglasses with certain face shapes. People (and sunglasses, for that matter) are too unique, and style is totally subjective. That’s good news, though. It means that you don’t have to limit yourself in your search for your new favorite frames.

All that said, if there are particular characteristics of your oval face you’d like to accentuate or contrast, your sunglasses frames can help do that. We’ve put together a handy guide so that you can familiarize yourself with some popular sunglasses for oval faces and get an idea of how those frame styles may complement certain facial features.

First Things First: Do You Have an Oval Face Shape?

Oval faces are common, and it’s a face shape that can be relatively easy to identify. But if you’ve never given much thought to your face shape, you might not know where to start.

Take a look in a mirror, or pull up a selfie on your phone to reference. (A selfie is nice because you can draw on it if that helps you.) If you have long hair, it’s best to have it pulled away from the sides of your face.

An oval face will have some, but not necessarily all, of the following traits:

  • It’s longer than it is wide (about twice as long)
  • It narrows a bit at the chin and forehead
  • Its full length is about even in width
  • It has a rounded chin and jawline
Diagram of an oval face illustrating relative width and height

Some oval faces might have cheekbones slightly wider than the forehead and jawline, but just by a smidge. If your cheekbones are noticeably the widest point of your face, then you might actually have a diamond face shape. Diamond faces are similar to oval faces but tend to have wider cheekbones and more pointed or angular features.

Bear in mind that most people don’t meet all the criteria for a single face shape. That’s why you should never limit your sunglasses options based on face shape alone. You’re not just an oval face—you’re uniquely you.

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The Best Sunglasses for Oval Face Shapes

Remember: Absolutely any style of sunglasses can be the right pair for you. But you can also highlight your frames or certain characteristics of your oval face by considering how the two will complement or contrast each other.

Here are some examples of frame shapes that may play nicely with your facial features.

An oval face wearing different styles of sunglasses

Rectangle Sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses are the ultimate counterbalance to an oval face. Why? Your face shape is longer than it is wide, whereas rectangle frames are wider than they are long. Additionally, an oval face has round curves, but rectangle frames have angular lines. These contrasting features will make your frames pop while also accentuating the length of your face and its soft curves.

Perkins sunglasses in Burnt Honeycomb Tortoise


Burnt Honeycomb Tortoise

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Elio sunglasses in Black Walnut


Black Walnut

Shop Elio
Esme sunglasses in Crystal



Shop Esme

Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses are another frame option boasting straight edges that will stand out against your face’s curves. Square frames contrast the proportions of your face as rectangle frames do, but in a different way—your face is longer than it is wide, but square frames are equally proportioned.

Sutton sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Sutton
Dawson sunglasses in Oak Barrel


Oak Barrel

Shop Dawson
Aubrey sunglasses in Marzipan Tortoise


Marzipan Tortoise

Shop Aubrey

Aviator Sunglasses

Two signature features of aviator sunglasses will pair nicely with an oval face shape: 

  1. A straight-edged brow bar
  2. A teardrop-like lens shape 

The straight line across the brow will provide variance with the curves of your oval face. And the teardrop design will emphasize your cheekbones, as well as play up the length of your face.

Brimmer sunglasses in Black Walnut


Black Walnut

Shop Brimmer
Raider sunglasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Raider
Hatcher sunglasses in Jet Black Matte


Jet Black Matte

Shop Hatcher

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses typically have an upswept browline. The sweeping nature of these frames will draw the eye upward to your cheekbones. Many cat-eye frames also feature a teardrop-like shape to their lenses akin to aviators, further enhancing the cheekbones and also complementing the length of your oval face.

Rhea sunglasses in Truffle Tortoise


Truffle Tortoise

Shop Rhea
Maren sunglasses in Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold


Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold

Shop Maren
Janelle sunglasses in Seashore Tortoise


Seashore Tortoise

Shop Janelle

Round Sunglasses

Although it might seem counterintuitive to put round sunglasses on a face with rounded features, it actually works! Even though both have curved edges, the face and frames are different shapes—an oval face is more oblong, whereas the frames are circular. This creates a contrasting effect that will spotlight your frames while also calling attention to your facial features.

Annika sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Annika
Percey sunglasses in Striped Sassafras


Striped Sassafras

Shop Percey
Gillian sunglasses in Teal Tortoise


Teal Tortoise

Shop Gillian

Geometric Sunglasses

When it comes to eyewear, “geometric” typically refers to frames that are hexagonal or octagonal shaped. Geometric sunglasses are a fun option because of their less common shape. Their angular lines make them a perfect contrast for an oval face too.

Fiona sunglasses in Aventurine Tortoise


Aventurine Tortoise

Shop Fiona
Rachel sunglasses in Mesquite Tortoise


Mesquite Tortoise

Shop Rachel
Celia sunglasses in Mint with Polished Gold


Mint with Polished Gold

Shop Celia

The Best Sunglasses for Your Oval Face Are the Ones That Make You Happy

Don’t pay much mind to anyone who says that certain styles of sunglasses need to be avoided if you have an oval face shape. No matter your face shape, you can wear any sunglasses. What’s important is that they make you feel happy, confident, and comfortable. 

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