Yellow sunglasses

Rain or shine, you can add your own sunny vibes to any day when you slip on a pair of yellow-frame sunglasses. Yellow isn’t a common color option for sunglasses, which is exactly what makes it a good choice. Yellow sunglasses are inherently mood-boosting and instantly add a touch of creativity to any look.

Warby Parker × Theophilio
Shaunie Lemon Slice
Waller Plantain Crystal
Vilma Yuzu Crystal
Catori Honeysuckle with Polished Gold


Fielder Topaz Matte Fade
Renton Grassland Crystal

Our yellow sunglasses come in a variety of shapes and start at $95—our prescription pairs start at $195.

Janelle Praline

Yellow sunglasses FAQs

One “safe” approach to accessorizing with an uncommon color like yellow is to pair it with neutral colors like black, white, brown, or grey. But you can just as easily have some fun matching your yellow sunglasses with complementary colors. 
Purple and blue are across from yellow on the color wheel, so they’re sure to make your yellow sunglass frames pop. Another option is to pair yellow with analogous colors, which means shades that are neighboring it on the color wheel. For yellow, this would mean variations of yellow or nearby shades of orange and green. 

 The bottom line, though, is that style is subjective. Have fun experimenting with color combinations. Yellow sunglasses are easier to coordinate with than you may think!