Wide frame glasses

Wide glasses can complement any face shape, so we offer ours in a variety of frame styles, materials, and colors. Whether you prefer hexagons or ovals, vibrant hues or neutral shades, there’s a wide frame style for you. (We also offer a growing selection of extra-wide frames.)

Chamberlain Whiskey Tortoise
Crane Black Matte Eclipse
Carlton Seaweed Crystal
Florian Cognac Tortoise with Brushed Ink
Duncan Oak Barrel with Riesling


Santiago Crystal with Polished Gold

Get free shipping and returns on any wide frame glasses. Prescription pairs start at $95.

Baird Jet Black with Polished Gold


Durand Whiskey Tortoise
Dominic Saltwater Matte
Wilkie Sea Glass Grey

Wide glasses FAQs

Many retailers offer wide-frame glasses in order to fit faces of all shapes and sizes. Warby Parker, for example, offers “wide” and “extra wide” measurements for certain frames, with specific measurements available by size for each product. Glasses available in these sizes are likely a smart choice if you believe you have a wider face. 

As for choosing frames that look good? It’s easier to use your face shape than its width as a frame of reference when choosing eyewear. The good news is that any frame style can work well with any face shape, so you have options. 
Classic fashion advice is to focus on finding frames that complement your features. For example, if you have a round face, contrasting that with square or rectangular frames can create a sharp look. If you have square features, frames with curves can help balance your look. That said, these are guidelines, not immutable laws of physics. Cutting against the grain can yield incredible looks. If you love a pair of frames, let that trump everything else.
The exact measurements that constitute a pair of wide glasses will depend on the style of the frames. Using one of our frames, Carlton, as an example, our wide frames have a width of 139 mm and a lens width of 52 mm. 
If you don’t want to bust out the ruler, there’s a quick test you can do with a credit card. (We’re 100% serious.) Learn more about the test and finding your frame size here.
Good upkeep is critical to making any pair of glasses last. The first thing we recommend is to clean your glasses regularly. 
Make sure you’re cleaning them properly. That means washing them with lukewarm water, applying a drop of dishwashing liquid to each lens, and soaping them completely. Then, you’ll rinse off the soap (again with lukewarm water) and dry them with a microfiber towel. 
We also recommend our Clean My Lenses Kit, which includes an anti-fog spray, a microfiber cloth, and a microfiber lens pouch.