Every face is different—and equally deserving of glasses and sunglasses that fit perfectly. That’s why we offer current, customer-favorite frames in a range of sizes—from extra narrow to extra wide—and Low Bridge Fit. The frames below (plus many more!) are available in multiple widths and fits.

Models wearing the Warby Parker eyeglasses in different width option

Left to right: Percey in Striped Sassafras (in narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide)



Available in multiple widths



Available in multiple widths

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Male and female models wearing eyeglasses in different widths

Durand in Crystal (in narrow and extra wide)

How to find your fit

We size our frames based on their full front width (from end piece to end piece), so choose a width that corresponds with your own face, e.g., pick a narrow frame if you have a narrow face (and so on).

Women wearing Percey in multiple widths

We offer five frame widths

(As seen here with Durand)

  • Extra narrow

    If you have an especially slender or narrow face

  • Narrow

    If you have a slender or narrow face

  • Medium

    If your face is average in size

  • Wide

    If you have a wide or broad face

  • Extra wide

    If you have an especially wide or broad face

Model wearing Winston in Jet Black (in Low Bridge Fit)

Winston in Jet Black (in Low Bridge Fit)

Low Bridge Fit

For those with low nose bridges and/or high cheekbones, our Low Bridge Fit frames come in multiple widths (and some are available as sunglasses!). 

Sun for all sizes

Who says sunglasses shouldn’t fit as well as their untinted counterparts? We’ve got options in every width, and they all come with scratch-resistant treatment and 100% UV protection. P.S. Our prescription sunglasses start at $175. 

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Models wearing Fletcher Sunglasses in Crystal (in narrow, medium, and extra wide) 

Fletcher in Crystal (in narrow, medium, and extra wide)

For every pair sold, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need.