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How your frames are made

Building a better pair


Each frame is designed in-house from initial sketch to prototype testing to final design.

Materials (only the good stuff)

From premium Japanese titanium to custom
single-sheet cellulose acetate sourced from a
family-run Italian factory, we use the best materials for our frames.

Construction work

Acetate frames are hand-polished and tumbled for at least three days. An imported German polishing wax compound helps us achieve the highest shine.

Off they go!

All frames are inspected at least twice before finding their way to you.


Our in-house design team gathers inspiration from around the globe.


Our designers cook up custom pattern variations and features, like our never-before-seen triple-gradient lenses.


Our lenses are impact-resistant and UV 400 protected. All optical lenses include super hydrophobic anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.