Let’s face it: Wearing sunglasses is not quite as simple for glasses wearers as it is for everyone else. People who wear glasses have to consider their vision needs in addition to sun protection for their eyes when venturing out on sunny days.

If you wear glasses, there are essentially two ways you can go: 

  • Wear sunglasses with your everyday eyeglasses (as in both at the same time).
  • Look for alternative solutions. (Spoiler alert: There are several.)

In this article, we’re going to explain all your options, working out the age-old conundrum of how to wear sunglasses with glasses once and for all. First, we’ll look at how to wear sunglasses and glasses together, and then we’ll explore the alternatives.

2 Ways To Wear Sunglasses With Glasses

If you’re interested in wearing sunglasses over your glasses, you have two options: sunglasses that fit over your eyeglasses or clip-on sunglasses.

1. Wear Sunglasses Over Your Regular Glasses

Yes, it’s possible to wear sunglasses over your glasses. Some sunglasses are designed specifically to fit this way. These are sometimes referred to as “fit-over” sunglasses. You’ll need to consider the shape and size of your glasses frames when selecting this type of sunglasses to ensure they’ll fit well.

While this option may work for some, others may find it less comfortable or less fashionable than other solutions—it boils down to personal preference.

2. Wear Clip-Ons With Your Regular Glasses

Another option that lets you keep your regular eyewear in place are clip-on sunglasses. As their name implies, these handy sunglasses clip right onto your glasses frames. 

Just keep in mind that run-of-the-mill clip-ons more than likely won’t offer a perfect fit to your frames. 

Good news, though. Warby Parker Clip-Ons are designed specifically to fit some of our best-selling glasses frames. Have a look:

Sunglasses in a snap

Each pair of our Clip-Ons is a perfect fit with one of our fan-favorite frames, and they’re available in several colors.

3 Alternatives to Wearing Sunglasses Over Glasses

Of course, some other sun protection solutions are available for glasses wearers, too. Let’s take a closer look at your options if wearing sunglasses and glasses at the same time isn’t your jam.

1. Prescription Sunglasses

You can get prescription sunglasses using the same prescription as your regular eyeglasses. Easy, peasy. Prescription sunglasses can accommodate most vision needs—even progressive lenses, for instance!

To learn more, head to our handy article with the full scoop on how to get prescription sunglasses: Can You Get Prescription Sunglasses?

2. Glasses With Photochromic Lenses

Three glasses frames whose photochromic lenses gradually shift from transparent to tinted

Glasses with light-responsive lenses quite literally respond to UV light and transform into sunglasses. There’s no need to swap frames, add frames, clip on other lenses, or anything else. With light-responses (aka photochromic) lenses, you won’t even have to think about whether or not you need sunglasses as you head out the door.

3. Contacts With Nonprescription Sunglasses

Contact lenses are another option to consider for days spent in the sun. They give you the freedom to take your sunglasses on and off as you please while still seeing clearly. Plus, they eliminate the hassle of toting around multiple pairs of eyewear. Score one point for contacts in the contacts-versus-glasses showdown.

Wearing Sunglasses Over Your Glasses Isn’t the Only Way

Can you wear sunglasses over glasses? Yes. Do you have to wear sunglasses over glasses? Absolutely not. 

We hope this article has shed some light (or perhaps shade?) on the situation. If you’re still unsure of which option is right for you, reach out to your eye doctor. And if you need one, we happen to know where you can find a few expert optometrists. 😉

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