An oval face shape doesn’t say anything about what glasses you should wear—only you can decide which frames you love. But while you’re shopping, you might want to know what each style of glasses can bring to the table, and feel out the aesthetics that call to you. Are you someone who gravitates more toward strong angles or shapely curves? Do you skew modern or traditional? And how might different frame shapes complement an oval face shape? 

There’s no one “best” glasses shape for an oval face, but there’s lots of variety out there. This guide is meant to help you sift through the options and find the glasses that make you and your eyes happy.   

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Do You Have an Oval Face Shape?

How can you tell if you have an oval-shaped face? For starters, it’s an extremely common face shape, so if you think you have one, you probably do! But if you want to check out your face’s proportions in the mirror, look for some the following traits: 

  • Your face is about twice as long as it is wide
  • Your face narrows slightly at the forehead and chin
  • Your face has a relatively even width all the way down, or is widest across your cheekbones
  • Your forehead is the same width as or just a bit wider than your jawline
Diagram of an oval face illustrating relative width and height

Some people with oval faces have rounded foreheads and chins, whereas others might have more pointed features. The relatively even width of the face is what distinguishes oval face shapes from diamond ones, which are more notably wide across the cheeks and may not be as long. 

Remember, your face probably won’t meet all of the criteria for a certain face shape. Those descriptions are generalizations, and they don’t always respect the fact that everyone’s face is different (and lovely because of it!). 

Best Glasses Shapes for an Oval Face

Finding glasses for an oval-shaped face is a matter of picking through tons and tons of choices. The good news is that you can pull off any frame you like. (Here’s a secret—that’s true of any face shape!)

The “bad” news is that you have so many frames to choose from that it may be a tough choice. Consult our tips below to learn how certain frames will complement your oval face. If they’re helpful, use them as guidelines while you shop for glasses online or elsewhere. 

An oval face wearing different styles of glasses

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle glasses are the perfect counterpoint to an oval face shape: they’re wider than they are long, the opposite of your facial proportions. Their straight lines also play well with an oval face’s curves, resulting in a refined look that you can punch up with colorful frames or embellishments. 

Wilkie glasses in Greystone



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Dunbar glasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

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Chase glasses in Azure Crystal


Azure Crystal

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Square Glasses

Like their rectangular siblings, square glasses work with oval faces because their strong lines and perpendicular angles provide contrast. In fact, they can offer even more contrast and dimensionality than rectangular frames, as their boxy lenses stand out on a longer face. 

Chamberlain glasses in Cactus Fade


Cactus Fade

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Winston glasses in Rosemary Crystal


Rosemary Crystal

Shop Winston
Hughes glasses in Chestnut Crystal


Chestnut Crystal

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Round Glasses

Round glasses balance out an oval face shape. You’re layering curves on curves, but they’re different enough from each other to create a pleasing visual effect. We suggest looking at both retro and modern round designs, with thick or thin frames. 

Percey glasses in Rye Tortoise


Rye Tortoise

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Simon glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Simon
Wright glasses in Tide Pool Tortoise



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Cat-Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses draw attention to your cheekbones, interrupting the even proportions of an oval face in an elegant way. These frames can quickly become the focal point of your face, so you can lean into that dynamic by selecting styles with dramatic brows, or downplay them with ever-so-slightly upswept corners. 

Daisy glasses in Cardinal Crystal


Cardinal Crystal

Shop Daisy
Madeleine glasses in Oyster Shell Tortoise


Oyster Shell Tortoise

Shop Madeleine
Amelia glasses in Elderflower Crystal


Elderflower Crystal

Shop Amelia

Aviator Glasses

With their big teardrop-shaped lenses, aviator glasses command attention at the same time as they let your facial features shine through. They give your eyes plenty of lens to work with, and often feature a brow bar that adds just the right amount of boldness with its straight line. 

York glasses in Polished Silver


Polished Silver

Shop York
Raider glasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Raider
Fielder glasses in Cognac Tortoise Matte


Cognac Tortoise Matte

Shop Fielder

Crystal Glasses

With translucent crystal glasses, an oval face shape remains the star of the show—but, it’s got a heck of a backup singer in these frames, which split the difference between lowkey and daring. 

Durand glasses in Crystal



Shop Durand
Chamberlain glasses in crystal



Shop Chamberlain
Crane glasses in Sea Glass Grey


Sea Glass Grey

Shop Crane

Glasses that Might Not Work as Well For Oval Faces

As we’ve said before, you can wear any glasses frame with an oval face shape and look absolutely fabulous. There aren’t any restrictions—you’re the boss of your personal style! The frames below might (might!) present some styling challenges for an oval face, but that doesn’t mean they’re not for you. Try them on and see what works! 

Oversized Frames

Sometimes, oversized frames can unbalance the even proportions of an oval face shape. Experiment with big, bold frames to see which ones appeal to you more than others. 

Frames that Are Way Wider or Less Wide Than Your Face

Glasses that extend too far beyond the sides of your face, or not far enough, can also mess with the natural balance of an oval face. What’s more, glasses with these extreme widths are less likely to fit you well! 

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The Best Frames for Oval Faces? Any Glasses That Make it Glow 

The only downside to having an oval face is that you can feel overwhelmed by choice. You might make your shopping process easier by keeping the above style tips in mind (or reading our guide to buying glasses online), but at the end of the day, your oval face will look best in any pair of glasses—as long as you love them.

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