Which sunglasses shape is best for diamond faces? Our belief: Any shape of sunglasses can look great on any face shape. The “right” pair for you is simply the pair you love most.

However, as you shop, you might be wondering if particular styles of sunglasses can complement or counterbalance certain elements of a diamond-shaped face. To help, we’ve put together this overview of sunglasses silhouettes that tend to work well with diamond faces—and why they do. 

Do You Have a Diamond Face Shape?

Let’s find out if you have a diamond-shaped face. Push your hair back from your face (if needed) and look in a mirror. Or, you can look at a full-face photo of yourself, like a selfie. Then, see if you spot any of these common features of a diamond-shaped face:

  • High, prominent cheekbones that form the widest point of the face
  • Roughly equal jawline and forehead widths
  • Narrow forehead
  • Small, somewhat pointed chin
  • Strong facial angles
Diagram of a diamond-shaped face illustrating relative width and height

Diamond is one of the rarest face shapes. Diamond-shaped faces are wider in the middle and narrower at the top and bottom. The length of a diamond face is similar to that of an oval face, though a diamond face has straighter lines.

Keep in mind that analyzing face shapes is no exact science. Most people have elements of a few different face shapes. So, there’s no need to worry too much about your face shape when picking out sunglasses.

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Best Sunglasses for a Diamond Face Shape

When people do want to shop for sunglasses based on their face shape, it’s usually because they want the sunglasses to either highlight or counterbalance elements of their face. 

It’s worth repeating that any sunglasses can look great on any face shape. But we do have some suggestions below if you’re interested in finding sunglasses that play up (or down) certain facial features.

A diamond-shaped face wearing different styles of sunglasses

Round Sunglasses

The curves of round sunglasses can balance out the angles of a diamond face. Plus, the contrast between the round frames and the sharper lines of a diamond face can make an eye-catching statement.

Bergen sunglasses in Jet Black with Polished Gold


Jet Black with Polished Gold

Shop Bergen
Percey sunglasses in Striped Sassafras


Striped Sassafras

Shop Percey
Wright sunglasses in Nutmeg Crystal


Nutmeg Crystal

Shop Wright

Oval Sunglasses

Like round sunglasses, oval sunglasses offer a counterbalance to a diamond face. But unlike round glasses, oval sunglasses are elongated horizontally. This extra width mirrors the wide cheekbones of diamond faces and complements them nicely.

Malik sunglasses in Striped Cypress


Striped Cypress

Shop Malik
Downing sunglasses in English Oak Matte


English Oak Matte

Shop Downing
Toddy sunglasses in Seaweed Crystal


Seaweed Crystal

Shop Toddy

Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses might make you think of the 1950s. But in the decades since, cat-eye frames have been reimagined in countless variations, making this classic eyewear shape timeless and versatile. 

The cat-eye’s hallmark feature is its upswept tips or “wings” at the temples. Similarly, the bottom rims of cat-eye sunglasses also follow an upward curve. These dual upward slopes counterbalance a tapered chin and accentuate prominent cheekbones, making cat-eye sunglasses particularly well-suited for a diamond-shaped face.

Tilley sunglasses in Sugar Maple Fade


Sugar Maple Fade

Shop Tilley
Maren sunglasses in Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold


Violet Magnolia with Polished Gold

Shop Maren
Rhea sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Rhea

Rectangular Sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses have wider, more horizontal frame shapes. The width helps to accentuate a diamond face’s prominent cheekbones while counterbalancing a narrower forehead and jawline.

Boggs sunglasses in Chestnut Crystal


Chestnut Crystal

Shop Boggs
Alvin sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Alvin
Fletcher sunglasses in Rye Tortoise


Rye Tortoise

Shop Fletcher

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are a classic style that complements several face shapes. Because aviator sunglasses are widest near the browline, they can offset a narrower forehead. 

The inclusion of a brow bar, the line connecting lenses at the top of a frame, can enhance the balancing effect of the aviator shape. You might find a brow bar on some other sunglasses shapes, but they’re a distinctive feature of aviators.

Brimmer sunglasses in Black Walnut


Black Walnut

Shop Brimmer
Raider sunglasses in Polished Gold


Polished Gold

Shop Raider
Braden sunglasses in Crystal



Shop Braden

Daring Sunglasses for a Diamond-shaped Face

The sunglasses you choose to wear can certainly make a fashion statement. Plus, you might not wear sunglasses as often as regular eyeglasses, creating a prime opportunity to try a fun and unexpected shape. 

So, if you’d like to express yourself with what some might consider more daring options for a diamond-shaped face, check out the styles below. 

Square Sunglasses

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” If you’ve got a diamond-shaped face, you can shine the spotlight on those angles with square sunglasses. Square frames are about as angular as they come, so they’ll highlight any similarly sharp lines.

Rosie sunglasses in Mulberry Tortoise Fade


Mulberry Tortoise Fade

Shop Rosie
Drew sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Drew
Harris sunglasses in Oak Barrel


Oak Barrel

Shop Harris

Geometric Sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses can be described as those that have an unconventional shape. For instance, they might be octagonal or hexagonal.

Because they’re not typical frame shapes, geometric sunglasses are a bold choice for any face. But geometric frames with especially prominent angles can really play up the angular characteristics of a diamond face shape.

Hannon sunglasses in Jet Black


Jet Black

Shop Hannon
Esperanza sunglasses in Praline with Polished Gold


Praline with Polished Gold

Shop Esperanza
Kimball sunglasses in Marzipan Tortoise


Marzipan Tortoise

Shop Kimball

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses have seen a resurgence of popularity, perhaps because they make a statement on any face shape. Sometimes, very large sunglasses can overpower a narrow, diamond face. But if you like the aesthetic, go for it.

Vela sunglasses in Jet Black with Polished Gold


Jet Black with Polished Gold

Shop Vela
Gael sunglasses in Cognac Tortoise


Cognac Tortoise

Shop Gael
Gemma sunglasses in Lapis Crystal


Lapis Crystal

Shop Gemma

The Best Sunglasses Are the Ones You Feel Great In

Just remember: No matter your face shape, any sunglasses you love are the “right” pair for you. 

Can’t decide whether to get a more complementary style or a more adventurous one? Who says you have to choose? 😉

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